4 Pitfalls to Avoid While Hiring Virtual Writers for Content Development

By Daya Mukherjee Feb 28, 2022
4 Pitfalls to Avoid While Hiring Virtual Writers for Content Development

All your clients requiring content are in great hurry. Mails are pouring in from different directions in your inbox. Your to-do list is expanding consistently.
You’ve no idea how to contain your inflating inbox. You need help.

Probably, it’s high time you outsourced your content writing work. Experienced writers working for you virtually can ease your load, keep your clients happy, and ensure your content management on the whole is on track.

However, there are some pitfalls that need to be avoided.

Let’s walk you through 4 common mistakes business leaders and managers make while outsourcing content development to a third party:

  1. Making a bad hiring: Content writers are going to be an important cog in your marketing scheme and you cannot afford to hire those who don’t fit your bill. Before zeroing in on a writer, you need to determine whether you have an ongoing project or a one-time assignment.In case you want to recruit someone for writing posts for your blog, go for one who has considerable experience of blogging in the same field. They should work for you as per a regular schedule in order to bring a consistent style and tone to your blog.If you have a similar requirement for your social media posts, try finding a candidate who can write jazzy content for you and not someone who is used to working on technical subjects as they may not be the right fit for such a job.
  2. Not Defining the Scope of Work: Content writers are likely to have limited knowledge about your business. You need to tell them precisely what you would like them to write. Their scope of work needs to be defined clearly. Your writer needs to be apprised about the target audience, the type of content required, and other such things. To make sure that your project remains on track, you need to inform your hires about these things right from the outset.
  3. Not specifying the terms & conditions beforehand: As in life, in content development too, you get what you pay for. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to throw greenbacks on your content writers without bothering about the quality of their work. The right way to go is to pay as per the type of work you get in return.You also need to specify the terms & conditions for payment before the ball starts rolling. Be clear whether you’ll have to pay in advance or as and when you requirements begin to be fulfilled. You must know whether your writers will rework a piece of content if it is not up to scratch.Ideally, you should create a checklist before outsourcing your content writing assignments and make sure all the boxes are ticked when you are handed over the final output.
  4. Erring in designating the supervisory role: Business leaders are generally busy and they often enlist someone to handle their content writers or the professionals who their work is outsourced to. However, such a person must have the right mindset and the required skills for the job they are entrusted with and pursue the key goals of any project with utmost sincerity. This will help avoid miscommunication and confusion.

Summing Up

Content holds the key to the success of your online endeavors for the digital promotion of your business. Just avoid these common pitfalls and your chances of attaining success will increase manifold.

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