4 Reasons Why It Makes Sense for a Startup to Outsource Digital Marketing

By Daya Mukherjee Feb 26, 2018
4 Reasons Why It Makes Sense for a Startup to Outsource Digital Marketing

Startups are often eager to take the digital route to success, but they tend to ignore the complexity of the process. They think putting up some long blog posts, or regular social media updates will take them toward digital glory. They decide to create their content themselves, formulate a digital marketing strategy (as much as they can) and hope to earn dividends.
This doesn’t always work.

Anyone is free to formulate a digital marketing strategy as they like. However, if you aren’t a seasoned marketer fully familiar with the pulse of the market, chances are your strategy won’t succeed.
So, the right ploy for a startup will be to outsource digital marketing services and put the onus of running a result-driven marketing campaign on a digital marketing agency. This will enable you to focus on growth, while your agency works on promoting your business in the digital arena.

Here’re 4 key reasons why it makes sense for a startup to outsource digital marketing:

  1. Access to Latest Digital Marketing Technology and Techniques –There is a bevy of digital platforms and technologies out there and it is highly unlikely for any one person to have knowledge of all or even a majority of them. Moreover, a startup doesn’t really need all of them. It is for a seasoned marketer to consider the right set of technologies and techniques as per the business goals of the startup they work for. They would know how to optimize the available resources.
  2. Opportunity to Accomplish More with Less- Outsourcing their digital marketing needs to experienced marketers will enable a startup to utilize the various digital channels. They are likely to receive help in different areas such as PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, SMO (social media optimization), SEO (search engine optimization), email marketing, and more. Every penny spent by the startup will be used efficiently.
  3. While working with a team of professionals, a startup will have the advantage of receiving services from specialists. A designer may come up with a gem of a design, a copywriter could write a blog, and a social media professional might work on Facebook updates.

  4. Reliance on Expertise – In digital marketing, even a slight mistake may ruin after the progress made through months of hard work. Professional marketers know what they do and a startup can rely on them. Quality work by pros brings in ROI and minimizes the chances of the efforts going down the drain. They are able to make subtle changes in a marketing strategy at the spur of the moment, if needed, and reap the benefits. Inexperienced blokes working at a startup will never be able to accomplish such a task.
  5. Benefit of New Perspective- An entrepreneur or a business manager may comprehend their business well, yet they may be a prisoner of their own mindset. For instance, a manager may fail to understand why visitors aren’t completing a sale despite spending time on their site. This is where professionals who work has been outsourced to can make a difference.

Summing Up

Working with marketers who have years of experience behind them increases the chances of a digital marketing campaign becoming successful. A startup is always better off outsourcing digital marketing while they themselves focus on growth. All they need to do is ensure they have hired genuine experts and results will be there to see.

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