Top 4 Video Marketing Strategies for Startups

Video marketing is emerging fast as a popular way to reach out to one's prospective customers. It not only helps entrepreneurs generate new leads, but it also yields measureable results. No wonder everybody is jumping onto the video marketing bandwagon to make a quick buck. But when it comes to getting the desired results from a video marketing campaign, you need a proper strategy. If you are a startup, it makes all the more sense to strategize each move of yours. This is because a new business is often short of resources; if every dollar that is spent is not worth it, the entire business may be affected. There is no dearth of examples wherein startups lost everything just because of a single error.

If you are a small business or a startup, by now you might have become petrified of the possible outcomes of a video marketing strategy going haywire. However, there is no need to worry as long as you are willing to make a proper video marketing strategy that suits your individual needs. In this article, we will unearth the secrets of successful video marketing strategies that suit the budget of startups. These 4 strategies will help you ensure that you are able to get the desired results without getting a hole burned in your pocket:

  1. Identify the right resources

    To start with, it is best to tackle the elephant in the room, meaning limited resources and finance. All the startups have one thing in common; they are always short of the relevant skill sets and the required finances to hire new resources. However, in this kind of a scenario, one can succeed in video marketing by identifying the right talent from within the existing team and employing them for making videos. You don’t really have to spend on studio construction or expensive cameras if you have enough content to share your videos. In the beginning, keep it short and simple. Make small videos within your office wherein you can explain your business and you can share these videos on the appropriate platforms. Discuss your video idea with your team and employ enthusiastic people for making the video. Passionate people have a thing for creativity and they don’t mind going an extra mile to make a creative video. The trick here is to identify the right people and give them the responsibility.

  2. Spend time on the stories you want to share

    In today’s business world, content is king. It simply means that people won’t spend time only on flashy videos; they are equally intrigued by real stories. If you have a great insight about your domain, share it through a simple video or graphics and your target audience will follow it. This is because real stories never go out of fashion. In the case of startups, this strategy always works as new businesses are all about interesting ideas that click.

  3. Concentrate on people too along with products and services

    Video marketing is not just about popularizing your products and services, it is about teamwork also. Moreover, product descriptions do not always make for compelling stories. So, if you are a startup, it will be ideal if you incorporate the videos of your insightful people and employees who have something interesting to say about your business. This practice makes a video interesting on one hand and gives a human face to your business on the other.

  4. Always end your video with a call to action

    Every great story should inspire people to do something; so if your video ends with a black screen, you are losing a great opportunity. If you don’t prompt people to do something about your video, they will just watch it and turn to the next one. Here, you have to spoon-feed the audience to take an action. Your Call To Action could be anything ranging from directing viewers to the next video to prompting them to share it. Never ignore this small step to elicit the desired response from your audience. It is just like a proper closing statement in a sales pitch; do it and your conversion rate will go up.

If you are a startup and want to make a mark in the online world with video marketing, follow the above strategies and you will not be disappointed.