Tips To Stay On Top With Content Marketing Trends

By Daya Mukherjee Apr 01, 2018
Tips To Stay On Top With Content Marketing Trends

With the rapid evolution of the digital marketing landscape, the amount of information available online is also huge. Studies suggest that about 90% of B2B marketers and 87% of B2C marketers are implementing content marketing strategies to boost branding and business leads. According to Seth Godin,“Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.”The emergence of social media channels has lead to the increasing audiences’ or customers’ demand for frequency in engaging content. To be on top of the marketing game, you have to follow the trends and stay up-to-date. If you can exceed modern standards, you will definitely become a trendsetter or a successful content marketer at least.

As per Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” For a newbie or an average business owner, staying on top of all the newest marketing trends can be overwhelming. If staying current in content marketing is a challenge for you, you can follow the trends given below and hire content marketing professionals to get your marketing strategies in the right shape:

Go Mobile

These days, mobile-friendly content marketing is imperative because of the number of people using mobile phones or smartphones to receive information. Studies suggest that 79% of people using smartphones prefer to read their emails on their mobile phones instead of laptop or desktop. This has again led to businesses building mobile-specific websites for the ease of customers who would interact and share information. Remember that it is easier for your target customers to browse, learn and even make a purchase on their mobile phone. Providing the right mobile content to the customers would certainly lead you to a win-win situation.

Add Visuals

If you have been reluctant to publish videos related to your business, now is the time. Visual elements and videos were very much in trend last year, and that trend continues. These days, more and more consumers are enticed by visual content that includes infographics and videos. Visual content is a vital part of content marketing and your marketing success can be enhanced through a perfect mix of text and visuals. However, overdoing or adding too many visuals to your site can make people go elsewhere. Readers are stimulated by high-quality content, so keeping your audience engaged should be your focus.

Get Social

Social media certainly has a huge influence in today’s business world. Harnessing the power of social media channels to boost your content marketing strategy can be a smart move. You can surely attract the burgeoning social media savvy customers through engaging business’ content strategies. Many big businesses hire content marketing professionals to build their social media presence and interact with potential customers or audience. Apart from product information, you can start a discussion or ask questions or simply comment on a hot issue. These strategies will make your prospective clients feel comfortable about your products and services and your brand would get popular in quick time.

Be Original

Being real is very much in trend and you can only be so if you ditch the pretense of perfection. Customers love to go for brands that are real and are open about their flaws or imperfections. This can also make your business relatable to people who would think that your business is not fake. Faking can never help in the long run, and today’s audiences are smart enough to spot unauthentic tactics in minutes. So, the content you write should sound as a real person speaking his/her heart out. This year, content marketing is all about creating engaging and original content. Stop talking too much about your brand. The content should be more about what the end customer wants to read, watch or listen. Engage with your customers in an amicable way, and don’t be scared to admit if there are any flaws in your brand or services.

Summing Up

Like technology transformation, content marketing strategies of marketers can change overnight. However, staying on top of the latest content marketing trends is important for your business growth. Companies like Apple and PepsiCo have invested millions for creation of original content knowing its prowess. Julie Fleischer rightly said, “Content Marketing provides 4x the ROI of our traditional marketing spend.”If you are new to content marketing, you can also hire content writers in India and take one step at a time. Apply the ideas to your marketing strategy in a subtle way so that the content is engaging as well as meaningful to your target customers. Content marketing is an ongoing game, and if you are on the right track, your success is not far away.

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