5 Silly Mistakes Your Business Must Avoid in Email Marketing

By Daya Mukherjee Feb 27, 2017
5 Silly Mistakes Your Business Must Avoid in Email Marketing

The power of email marketing is well known among marketers. However, if you have just started an email marketing campaign, you should try to avoid these 5 common mistakes:

  1. Not Providing Proper Subscription Opportunities on Your Site: Think whether your site provides sufficient opportunity to subscribe or you just have a single email subscription bar tucked away in a sidebar. It should be easily visible to your website visitors. If it is not easily visible, stay rest assured your site visitors will not search for it.
  2. Not Segmenting Your Email List Effectively: It’s very important to have your email list segmented properly. Many marketers send emailers to an entire list of people at once and they think there is nothing wrong with it. But segmenting your list will provide far better results. It will lead to higher engagement rate and more sales.
  3. Not Engaging With Your List: You will have to send your prospects a series of emails if you really want to engage with them. If you are struggling to find time to create and design interesting content, you can hire a professional agency for the same. In short, make an effort and encourage your subscribers to hit the ‘Reply’ button.

    In case you are struggling to find time to create and send interesting content and attractive offers, keep 5 or 10 minutes aside per day to write good emails instead of working for hours.

  4. Not Making Data-Driven Decisions: Your decisions should be backed by data and not just by your gut feeling. You should not choose opt-in forms just because your marketer friend told you to do so. Such decisions usually don’t work.

    According to Young Entrepreneur Council in Forbes online, “Data is the way to succeed in email marketing: Days of decisions based not on wishful thinking or even expert recommendations are gone, the time is to take decision backed up by the data you gather.” Data insights such as conversion rate or click-through rate will help you take the right decision.

  5. Not building your own list: Not building your own list or relying on other lists can be a dangerous approach. Some small businesses try to take the shortcut and purchase a list from the market. After all, getting a list of 50,000 people without any effort would sound attractive to anyone. However, we are sure that this will backfire. The reason is if people don’t have any idea about you, why would they give a damn about you? Such people will surely send your mails to the trash folder. The point to remember here is that what you buy may not be an exclusive list and may have been purchased by many other small businesses that may also be sending useless emails.

Summing up

There is a good chance that you may be making one or more of the above mistakes. If it’s so, rectify it or them immediately and take immediate steps.

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