How to Set Up Facebook Instant Articles for Your Website

Facebook Instant Articles (FIAs) isn’t something you can begin using straightaway. You’ve to do some preparation.

But before you begin the prep, it will be helpful to understand how Facebook Instant Articles work.

1. How Facebook Instant Articles Function

No matter how efficiently a website is optimized for mobile devices, users have to wait a bit before the content gets loaded after they click an article link in the Facebook app. FIAs enable readers to access content instantly. You would optimize content for Facebook Instant Articles rather than the original website. Now, when users click the link, it is the Facebook Instant Article that opens, not the original website.

Standard web analytics tools like Google Analytics can be used for tracking traffic to Facebook Instant Articles.

2. What is Needed to Publish Facebook Instant Articles

Here’re what you require:

  1. A Facebook page
  2. Facebook Pages app to preview Instant Articles on iPhone or Android mobile device
  3. An RSS feed to display the full content if you want to automate publishing your stuff to Facebook Instant Articles
  4. FIA markup on your blog or website
  5. Submission of a minimum of 10 articles to Facebook for approval into the FIA program

Checking out FIAs published by certain publishers will give you an inkling of what is required to succeed. For instance, a very long document filled with charts and tables may not be a good fit for FIAs.

3. Sign Up Process

If you’ve concluded that FIAs suit your sort of content, you may sign up for more information. You will receive an email that links you to the developer’s guide for FIAs and the closed Facebook group for media publishers. You will also get an RSS feed optimized for FIAs along with information where to submit it for review.

4. Preparing Content on a WordPress Website

If you publish your content on a self-hosted WordPress website, PageFrog plugin will be the right tool to prepare your content for FIAs. The plugin optimizes your content for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) as well, which is quite like Facebook Instant Articles but is used for Google mobile-search users.

  1. Click on PageFrog Setup to get the guide for Facebook Instant Articles
  2. Click on Styling to learn how to style your FIAs
  3. Click on Analytics to connect FIAs to web analytics tracking codes
  4. Click on Ads to monetize your Facebook Instant Articles with Facebook ads
  5. Click on Settings to enable FIAs for your old posts

5. Preparing Content on a Non-WordPress Website

In that case, your options depend on the platform on which your content is published. If your website is hosted on a network that gives you no control over coding, you will have to wait until the platform optimizes for FIAs.

6. Wrapping Up

Publishers keen on using FIAs require a lot of preparation. Moreover, FIAs must be part of your overall mobile marketing strategy.

That said, the value of FIAs is hinged on your business model and objectives. You may work on FIAs for a few months and see for yourself whether FIAs have increased the reach of your content and conversions.