How to Drive Lead Generation for SMEs through Digital Marketing?

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By Irfan Ahmad Jul 28, 2021
How to Drive Lead Generation for SMEs through Digital Marketing

‘Change’ is the only constant in the world of business! If you look back and see the flow of business some 25 to 30 years ago, you would be surprised with the way technological advancements have transformed so many present-day lead generation strategies in digital marketing for good. As we became more reliant on technology, we have also embraced newer ways to generate leads and acquire clients, which is the number one aim of any business owner in the market.

Marketing tactics that used to work before, don’t work now because customers have a habit of becoming immune to these strategies after every few years, and marketers are left behind, struggling to find out fresh plans of action. The old methods might still be useful, but when you have a thirst for more, and want to get exemplary results, investing in the latest digital lead generation strategies to strike a connection with the prospective buyers is something you cannot miss.

Owners of SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises), and especially small businesses, need to understand that their potential customers have complete access to the online research platforms today. So, before they approach you, or consider the products/services that you are offering, they are more likely to have already conducted the basic online research about your brand and business. This further adds to the importance of coming up with robust digital marketing strategies that are adequately informative, and help potential customers see suitable value in your offerings.

For achieving this goal without burning a hole in their pockets, business owners of SMEs are following the practice to hire digital marketing experts in India. With this option, they get to invest in high-quality digital marketing services at almost 70% lower costs, and the money thus saved can be used for business expansion later on.

If the question ‘how to generate leads for small business’ is troubling you too, here are some of the most effective and affordable strategies that can help you multiply your website traffic and leads, and then convert them to paying customers:

Use Content Marketing to Become an Industry Expert

We often hear the phrase ‘content is the king’, but fail to understand its vitality in establishing a business as an industry leader. If you’re looking for lead generation services for small business, content marketing is an uncompromisable step in your digital marketing strategy to assert authority in the field of your business.

To do so, many business owners make the common mistake of planning their digital marketing strategies around endorsing their products or services, rather than offering the website visitors what they are actually looking for.

To gain recognition as a subject matter expert in your industry, and to attract prospective customers to your website, you need to produce content that’s informative and useful for them. Try to publish articles, guides and customer reviews that can touch your prospective customers’ pain points. Remember that they are more interested in knowing how your products/services are going to help them, and not just plain sales pitches.

Enhance Your Social Media Presence

These days, taking advantage of social media is one of the most helpful lead generation strategies in digital marketing. Let’s understand it this way – you’ve created impactful content the way we just discussed in the previous point, but where to find your target audience who wants to read it?

Social media marketing gives you a chance to connect with the right audience that’s browsing popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Again, many people do not understand the way that works the best on these platforms, and end up making the mistake of just running their sales ads, or signing up for paid advertising. If you truly want to involve and build a dependable audience for your content, move forth with the idea of increasing the number of your business page followers, with whom you can directly communicate through your signature advertising designs.

Optimize Your Website with Local SEO

It’s difficult to encourage people to invest their hard-earned money in the product or service that you’re offering, especially if you’ve just begun your entrepreneurial journey. Customers today focus on making an informed decision, and Google search has become an important step in the scanning and shortlisting process. A smart digital marketer understands this, and most of their efforts are directed towards improving the website’s visibility on search engines, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

But improving your SEO rankings isn’t easy, especially considering the huge competition in the market and the rapidly changing Google search algorithms these days. Thankfully, this problem has an easy solution – opting for professional lead generation services. Digital marketing professionals stay abreast with what’s working best at any given time. For instance, they know search engines usually prioritize local results, and hence, try to improve the visibility of your business on local keywords, so that you get to connect with prospective local customers.

Streamline Your E-Mail Marketing Strategy

Although e-mail marketing has been an active part of digital marketing strategies since a few decades now, it still serves as one of the best lead generation tips for small businesses. We obviously do not imply using the same e-mail format from the 90s, but using an updated version with the new customer mindset in mind. These days, there’s technology that can help you divide your e-mail list into specific subgroups, so that you can send them custom-made communications for better impact. Make sure to keep the email copy catchy, so that the readers feel compelled to read it. You can spice it up further with images, testimonials and personalised discounts.

Wrapping Up

I firmly believe that the above-mentioned tips will help you leverage a powerful digital marketing strategy that will deliver results – all you need to do is opt for the right digital marketing service provider. If budget or time is a constraint, you can simply hire digital marketing expert in India as this option offers you the perfect mix of quality work delivery, immediate resource access, and impressive cost cutting. Plus, almost all reputed outsourcing service providers in India offer free trials, so what’s there to lose?

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