How ‘Stories’ Has Changed the Way We Use Instagram

By Daya Mukherjee Apr 10, 2017
How ‘Stories’ Has Changed the Way We Use Instagram

How Instagram ‘Stories’ Has Taken Social Media by Storm

Instagram Stories is a popular feature that allows users post to photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Users get to share all the moments of the day through multiple photos and videos, which appear in a slideshow format.

This feature has several useful text and drawing tools that can be used to bring a story to life. What makes it even better is that users don’t have to worry about overposting.

Stories from people that users follow appear in a bar at the top of users’ feed. When there is something new to see, it is indicated by a colorful ring around their profile photo.

When users want to view someone’s story, they just need to tap on their profile photo. They may tap to go back and forward and swipe to view another person’s story. For commenting on a story, they need to tap and send a private message to the receiver on Instagram Direct.

How to create a story

For creating an Instagram story, users need to tap on a new ‘+’ icon at the top left-hand corner of the screen, or swiping to the left. Now they can take photos or record a video, just as it is done normally, on Instagram. Once they are done with this, users can use an array of filters to work on their content. They may also add text and drawings to the photos and videos they have shot.


Users who would like to know the number of times each post in their story has been viewed as well as who all viewed their story can use Analytics. For checking out this data, users need to swipe up while watching their own story.

Posting a story component on profile

Instagram has enabled users to post a part of their story on their profile to make it appear within the feed. To do this, they have to tap the upload button.

An attempt to fill space

When Instagram started, what made it stand out was its ability to turn average-looking photos captured by smartphones into professional type images. However, time has changed and now, users view Instagram as an ideal place for placing their best content. Instagram was considered as a platform built around highlights. ‘Stories’ focuses more on visual expression in general, filling in the space in between.

Reoriented Messaging

Instagram is now encouraging users to not just share their best moments, but virtually every moment possible. If Instagram is successful in messaging, the app will become much more than a carrier of one’s finest moments. It will reflect a gamut of in-the-moment stories and conversations, making it a social networking site in real sense.

Wrapping Up

Increasing number of brands have begun testing how sharing ‘Stories’ could help them in boosting their branding. Stories has added some authenticity to Instagram content that was previously a place for only the most polished and pre-produced photos and videos. People will now be able to view behind-the-scenes content related to a brand’s publicity providing some unique insights, which will influence their decision-making process as well.

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