How Web Analytics Improve Your Business

By Shaunvir Singh Oct 03, 2012
How Web Analytics Improve Your Business

Benefits of Outsourcing Web Analytics Services

Offshoring web analytics is the latest trend in outsourcing. Companies outsource web analytics since a company’s website or websites, the website’s popularity, and the company’s business performance are all tied together. This, in turn, generates a heavy demand for outsourcing vendors having expertise in providing web analytics services.

A number of Western firms are choosing to offshore web analytics services to India. It is because India has a large talent pool of low-cost resources who provide ‘actionable’ quantitative and qualitative web analytics solutions after measuring web data.

The web analytics services being outsourced today include collection, measurement, analysis, and reporting of web-based data for a better grasp of web usage and for its optimum utilization.

Clients who outsource web analytics know that besides measuring the traffic on a website, this tool is also helpful in processes such as market research and business research. This tool is very useful for data such as number of page view, number of visitors, page bounce rate etc. You can use this data to check the popularity of your website and can also conduct market research.

Web analytics applications are not just for the internet alone. Companies can utilize this useful tool for measuring the results of their traditional print advertising campaigns as well. It acts as a pointer or an indicator for companies in terms of indicating changes in web traffic following the new advertising campaign.

Offsite web analytics and onsite web analytics

Clients can outsource web analytics in two categories: offsite and onsite web analytics. Offsite web analytics enables you to analyze and measure the web activities. With this version, it does not matter whether you own or maintain a website. This category of web analytics includes measurement of a website’s potential visitors, visibility of the website, and the activities on the website.

Onsite web analytics tracks the activities of visitors once they start exploring it. This category of web analytics measures the commercial performance of your website.

Web analytics: Outsource from any location

Since all the data required for web analytics is generated online, it’s possible for the analysis to be conducted from any geographical location. Thus, the client who wants to send web analytics jobs can choose low-cost outsourcing destinations such as India. The raw data can easily be transferred to any location through e-mail or FTP, and useful reports can be created out of it. These reports are self-explanatory; they have analysis on visitor behavior, and comments explaining the statistics or graphs within the report.

Improve your business performance

Companies outsource their jobs to meet goals, and increase their revenue. Outsourcing web analytics can help such companies. It can help them achieve their business target and thus give an impetus to their profitability.

Data generated during web analytics is secure

When a client decides to outsource web analytics, they need not be worried about data security. Outsourcing vendors set up Firewalls. They adopt different measures to ensure the level of security that a client needs. Different levels of security can be implemented at both hardware and software levels.

Companies who outsource web analytics basically have two operative options

The tools that web analytics companies use is dependent on several factors, including the size of the organization that has hired them, how many and how often reports are required, how many people would have access to it, and if real time data is required.

There are two options that companies who send web analytics jobs can choose from:

Internal Team:

The outsourcing vendor can have a small team functioning from the client’s premises and a team operating from its own premises.

Outsourced Team:

Through this service outsourcing vendors offer long-term web analytics services by setting up a team offshore. This offshore team is totally dedicated to a client’s requirements in web analytics.

Thus, through a mixture of talent, experience, an attitude of adapting to a client’s need, low-cost resources and infrastructure, and global exposure to international clients, Indian outsourcing vendors are increasingly attracting clients seeking to outsource web analytics services of various kinds.

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