7 Tips To Create Stunning Email Newsletters

Design is the first thing people see when you send emails. Most marketers consider it the most effective tactic for working on things like awareness, acquisition, and conversion. According to Salesforce 2014 Mobile Behavior Report, 95% of the subscribers who opted in for email messages from a brand considered these messages useful and resourceful.

So, what design elements would you add while designing an effective newsletter? We will discuss about them in this article:

  1. Mobile first approach More than 57 percent people watch email newsletters on their mobiles; so you should take care of the newsletter design for mobiles. Consider the following points while designing your newsletter for mobiles:

    • Use the minimum size of 44×44 for your CTA; ensure it is visible and tappable
    • Use single-column layout for mobile devices
    • Gmail app needs a layout combined with media queries
    • Focus on retina display
  2. Hidden element: Subject line and preview element Subject line is not a part of design, but it affects the click-through rate; so make sure it is appealing. Preview text placed after the subject line in the inbox should be distinct as it impacts the open rate.

    Here are the best practices to use snippets and preview text:

    • Use Johnson Box to build on subject line
    • Think of using emoji to create urgency and add personalized content
    • The size of preview pane should be around 400×300 Pixels
    • Table of content for long newsletters If the newsletter is longer, you can think of adding a table of content for it. Adding links in the table of content can let your subscriber reach the desired place in your content and they will not have to scroll the entire content.
    • Concentrate on typography and layout Maintain the length of your newsletter that should be between 320-650px and for mobile devices, it should be between 320-550px. The height of a newsletter depends on the newsletter content. But keep in mind that readers don’t like scrolling down newsletter content; so keep your newsletters short.
  3. Here are the some tips for you to do the same:
    • Avoid orphan’s
    • Select correct text-size
    • Stick to a couple of typefaces
    • Use good visuals Never compromise on visuals as they motivate your readers to click on your newsletter. But optimizing images is important. Using fallback images will be a good idea as they appeal to email clients. Gif images also look visually appealing and can be considered to be used in newsletters.
    • Enhance your footer Most people don’t attach importance to footers in newsletters and they take them for granted. They hardly care about the design aspect of a footer. It should not look like a spam and contain all necessary details such as contact address and unsubscribe link.
    • A/B Test Testing is important no matter what you do. You must conduct a couple of tests to learn about the newsletter design that is appealing more to your audience. This will finally eliminate any kind of hunch from your decision.

Key takeaways

Here are the key takeaways:

  1. Design your emails with a mobile first approach
  2. Thing about putting a table for a long newsletter
  3. Use fallback images
  4. Do A/B Testing

Summing up

When your newsletter provides the knowledge that your subscribers are looking for, it helps you in building up trust for your brand. These tips will help you get the traction that you desire for your newsletters.