5 Predictions on Which Way Social Media May Go in 2017

Social media is playing a pre-eminent role in business motion today. However, the way social media works keeps changing perpetually. Older social media platforms may decline in popularity, some may alter the tools they provide their users with, and newer ones may come up as time passes by. As a marketer, you have to keep tabs on changing times and respond accordingly.

Here are five predictions on how the social media may transform in 2017:

  1. Vanishing content likely to become popular

    Before Snapchat arrived, the general view regarding content was that it was meant to last. Posts appearing on social media could be seen by as many people as possible. The new truth of social media is temporary content. This approach is in sync with the preferences of a section of audience, which may not like a piece of content to stay for long. For users wanting a more private, selective form of social media, temporary content is ideal.

    The likes of Facebook and Instagram are also closing in on Snapchat's heels and others can be expected to follow suit.

  2. Live and staged videos to grow

    All major social media players – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram — have taken steps toward making their live video offerings more efficient. The popularity of Facebook Live has grown up dramatically in the recent past and this has encouraged users to post real time content and get a larger viewership than what they would otherwise get while putting up a traditional post. Videos have been performing much better than other forms of content.

  3. Twitter ownership may change

    Twitter has been recently facing an array of issues – profitability challenges, misfiring leadership, declining stocks etc. Continuing struggles may force Twitter owners to sell their stocks. Potential buyers include Salesforce, Google, and Disney.

  4. Businesses to embrace WhatsApp

    WhatsApp is being used by businesses around the world to communicate with customers and prospects. However, in North America, this trend hasn’t yet taken roots. 2017 is likely to change that. The platform is likely to be used by companies for customer service. As users get more accustomed to asking questions via WhatApp, companies will also begin using it for replying to queries. The introduction of Facebook Bots would speed up the process within the app, making WhatsApp an even better tool for communication.

  5. Facebook dominance to increase

    Facebook, already the leader of the pack on social media, may establish itself further to dominate more than ever before. The company has added business messaging and live video, which is going to increase the appeal of the networking site further. Ad dollars will keep flowing in as the platform is easy to use, the audience is large and active, and the versatility of the site enables brands to advertise in any form of content.

    Instagram, which Facebook owns now, is now competing directly with Snapchat. Thanks to vanishing messages, Instagram Stories, and easy-to-use discover options, revenues can be expected to grow.

Wrapping up

The social media spend of companies is steadily increasing and in 2017, it is expected to rise even faster. Now, social media platforms are evolving in new communicative areas and in the process, the significance and the interactivity of exchanges between brands and consumers is increasing.