4 Tactics to Build an Audience on Twitter

If you think highly of your upcoming business and expect Twitteratti to follow you on their own, you are mistaken. That idea in fact is terrible.

The key for getting Twitter followers lies in creating content that would ignite and engage an audience. When you have done that, the next step should be to spend some time on developing an audience. This becomes even more important if you have started a new business.

You require some smart tactics to build an audience on Twitter, 4 of which are as follows:

Mine public Twitter lists

After being for a while on Twitter, you can expect people to place you on public Twitter lists, which are segregated as per special interest or geographic location. For instance, you may be listed as a ‘social media marketing expert’ or a ‘medical transcription professional’. You need to find someone who is relevant to your business and then dive into their lists. You may find there a large number of people that you can hope to connect to.

Twellow is a useful app to find and follow targeted users regardless of their category.

Specialized Twitter search prompts can also be effectively used for this purpose. Learn a few specialized prompts to unlock the basic search functionality right on the Twitter screen.

Analyze past data to target specific networks

Analyzing the efficacy of the content published is imperative for finding how effectively it is meeting the overall objective. Tools are available to analyze data with ease.

BuzzSumo is a popular tool for leveraging data. To begin with, enter a keyword related to your social media content strategy. The app will provide you with a list of the top-performing content vis-a-vis social shares. This enables you to know how various types of content are performing on different content networks. The content developed especially for certain networks increases your chances of success.

The tool also allows you to filter content type wise such as on the basis of videos, infographics etc. and through time period.

Use visual content as gateway

Use visual content for taking your viewers to your website, products and services. For instance, you can put in a link in an infographic leading to your blog with related content. You may tweet something interesting to attract viewers and then send them to the place of your choice. A call to action can be used to make people click on your link.

The right strategy is to create gateways to more valuable content.

Deploy images to enhance Twitter appeal

Approximately 500 million tweets are posted per day and your tweet needs to stand out in order to be really effective. Twitter allows users to use up to four images per tweet. You may tweet just one fantastic image that has the desired influence on viewers rather than using four separate pictures. For adding multiple images to your tweet, you need to use Twitter regular as the facility is not available on third party sites.

Wrapping Up

Marketers are rushing to take advantage of Twitter and you have to keep coming up with unique strategies to leave an impact. Discuss with your marketers how you can put your best face forward.