4 Effective Techniques for Google Penalty Recovery

4 Ultimate Ways to Recover Fully from Google Penalties

Penalty is not a very friendly word and no organization wishes to associate itself with it. It’s completely understandable. But what if it comes from a search engine giant like Google? It definitely raises a concern. Being penalized for violating Google webmaster guidelines is the last thing on your mind. Updates on its search algorithm like Panda and Penguin and manual reviews do affect your search rankings.

In quest for the ultimate recovery tactics from such penalties and to keep out of harm’s way in the future, we come across 4 useful tools that are itemized as below:

(1) Take care of low-quality, bad links: Vanish every low-quality link you can lay your hand on. The aim is to remove all spammy links. It may take time as you have to manually review each one of them, but then it’s better to be safe than take unwarranted risks. Such backlinks are harmful for your search rankings. Identify bad backlinks using a tool like Monitor Backlinks.

(2) Collect webmasters’ details: This forms a crucial part of your link removal process and you shouldn’t ignore it. Get hold of the contact details of every dubious webmaster. Get in touch with the webmaster and request removal of bad links or simply a change in anchor text. You may do so using your official e-mail and in a polite manner. Reach out to the webmaster with clarity and be specific; you’ll get it done faster than you realize.

(3) Disavow links: It’s good to know your limitations; there’s nothing wrong with it. That’s why there’s the option to disavow URLs and domains. After your hard work to rectify every link that you find bad and offensive, you can still repudiate some links and domains which is clearly an indication that you've been unable to remove them. Convey that to Google. More importantly, follow Google’s broad guidelines on using the disavow tool.

(4) Send a request for reconsideration: Normally considered the tail end of removing a penalty, the reconsideration process is your entreatment with Google. At this phase, you’re basically admitting your wrong-doing and confirming that you've stopped doing it. You’d also be telling what actually you've done to fix the problems. You’ll ensure Google how you hope that it won't be repeated.

If you’re alert and resolute enough in matters of your company’s search ranking and traffic, you can sail through the negative impacts of Google’s penalties.