10 Essential Local Video Marketing Tactics

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By Irfan Ahmad Aug 25, 2021
10 Essential Local Video Marketing Tactics

Owning a small business comes with its own advantages and challenges that must be tackled to feed your business with profit. With cutthroat competition, spreading word about your small business is not a cakewalk. The best foot forward would be creating a small business video marketing plan. Targeting potential audience involves acquiring knowledge about demographics, consumer persona, geography, and other factors related to their actions. With a majority of shoppers online, videos are the shortest and most creative way to capture them.

If you are motivated towards adding value to your small business, then start with video marketing. In this post, you can learn about how video marketing assists in better targeting and engagement.

How have videos evolved as a pressing priority?

Do you prefer audio-visual engagements while traveling to work or rocking the cradle? Videos are popular because they reflect a product or service in a jiffy without much emphasis on reading big texts or unfolding visual storylines.

Small business owners worldwide have discovered that videos can reach out to a wider audience. It has sound, content, visuals, and the story you want to convey within set time. This means, there are higher chances of videos getting viewed for they can be understood even if muted! There are lots of ways to use them – from creating quality marketing videos, explainers, and DIYs, to interviews and planning live streaming videos, product reviews, and so on.

Being a local business can be a big deal, know how.

If you have a small and local business, then you have stringent budgets, firmer deadlines, escalated vulnerability, and this list goes on.

  1. Too much on your plate: Small business owners have a lot to do with stricter deadlines and fewer resources. The race is always on, where you need to have an unstoppable spirit to win.
  2. No revenue generation experience: Every business needs revenue generation. Big companies have proven techniques to do so, but small businesses turn to the trial-and-error discover approaches that work for them. While big companies can afford these hit or misses, smaller businesses usually cannot.
  3. Strict budget and resources: Small business owners have a limited budget and a dearth of resource availability. Most of the times it’s the owner who is a salesperson, seller, marketer, customer service expert, and the HR.
  4. Trust issues: One of the basic eligibility criteria of capturing consumer behaviour towards purchasing certain products and services is that people tend to continue with brands that they have been following and investing in for years. That being said, very small businesses take time to build trust with their loyalty and integrity.

Whether you have a lot on your plate or you want to create brand awareness, videos are the perfect mediums to accomplish your promotional goals.

How is local video marketing the best move for small and medium enterprises?

Businesses of all sizes have styled their social media platforms with versatile, relatable, and memorable videos with a catchy storyline. Consistent uploads with strategized placement for marketing make it easier to target potential clients and keep existing clients engaged.

Did you know?

The world spends a billion hours watching YouTube videos per day!

Over 80% of all traffic will consist of video by 2021.

This fact makes video marketing for small and local businesses all the more relevant. In the simplest sense, when you are new to an industry where there is a tug of war between the novices and veterans, a unique presence is tough (provided you do not have a magic wand!). So, videos are the best modes to sprinkle some of the magic that your business creates.

Why SMBs have a better chance to stand out with video marketing?

  1. Flexibility: You have immense flexibility to accomplish goals with unconventional approaches. Bigger companies are caught up in templates and branding red tapes while you have the freedom to innovate and tweak things according to your say and desire. You can have abundant control over your business operations from putting forward ideas, creations, and changes, along with the ability to create it all from your own point of view.
  2. Financial boost: When you own a business, it removes the income restraints that exist in being a part of a big company. You can spend more time in getting one campaign right, rather than juggling multiple expensive projects simultaneously.
  3. Scope of employment: The rise of small businesses has allowed the scope of employment generation at a larger scale. With reliance on advanced technology and state-of-the-art tactics and functionality such as Premier Pro and After Effects, small and young businesses create jobs at a much faster pace than older and large businesses can. Plus, they do have eligibility restrictions that deter talented artists without degrees to showcase their abilities. Statistics have shown that in USA, small businesses added 1.1 million jobs while industries dominated by big businesses lost over 700, 000 jobs. It is also evident that 99.7% of the businesses in the USA have less than 500 employees, and thus, the small business is the single largest employer too. ( Siropolis 1998:08)
  4. Curtail the concept of monopoly: Small businesses tend to keep a check on the monopoly system. More products means more choices for consumers and videos are the best ways to attract attention in this scenario too. While market leaders rely on established credibility, small businesses have a chance beat the competition with fresher approaches and more features.

Advantages of adding video marketing to your local business:

  1. Videos have the best ROI: Comprehensive and succinct content plus plenty of technology equals a high-quality video. 83 percent of WYZOwl survey respondents say video gives them a good return on investment. There are several remarkable video creating and editing software that make your business story more appealing to reach a positive ROI.
  1. Video boosts conversion and sales: Videos for products and services that direct your audience to your landing page can escalate conversions by over 80 percent. It also generates remarkable sales by compelling viewers with explanations and benefits.
  1. Video builds trust: Before sharing connections, your consumers would surely like to test the waters. Videos play a salient role in building trust by reflecting YOUR If you have a collection of eye-catching and impressionable videos, then they can conversate with the audience and touch them emotionally.
  1. Videos attract Google: Your viewers are your guests who you invite with quality SEO skills. Google has to approve the content before your audience visits it. Thus, if you have meaningful videos in your pocket, then you have 53 times more chance to come up to higher ranks on search engines.
  1. The video makes it to mobiles: The only handy and portable device that we cannot do without, is our smartphone. Also, we all love to watch videos. This opens doors for local business owners! Creating responsive videos and distributing them to popular platforms can make your brand dynamically moving.
  1. Videos teach and persuade: Videos are the best educators. Demonstrations of products are offered while you buy a camera or any other device because it becomes easier for you to follow rather than reading a brochure full of instructions. Even the laziest customers who are reluctant can click, view, and buy if your video is accurately meeting their buyer persona.

Best video marketing tactics for local business

  1. Do not skimp on the quality. Short, sober, and impactful content works to bring you endless opportunities. Also, educate your audience with sound content that has a high production value.
  1. Be as natural and real with your videos as possible. People love to watch how you live behind the screens. The first 3 seconds of a video can make magic! If you can hold your viewers for the first 3 seconds, then there’s a higher chance they will stay for the rest of the video. Use enticing content, tap into their emotions, and mold features into benefits during demonstrations or DIYs.
  1. The use of keywords stands necessary as it allows your video to be found with good targeting. Mention your target keywords at the beginning of the video without overwhelming your audience.
  1. Video creation is not sufficient without sharing. Show off your videos on your social media handles and make an impact with your brand message on the potential masses. Remember, they can also act as referrals in the long run.
  1. Use video testimonials to make your audience and consumers feel validated and noticed. If you post video testimonials about your happy buyers, then it creates a long-term relationship between you and your customers. No to mention that your business proves to be genuine to others. Reviews and endorsements always stay on the top!
  1. Create company live videos as everyone is interested in your real-world over the reel world. You can conduct weekly or monthly live interactions and videos where you are showing the company culture, appreciating some hard-working team members, and getting along with your constant followers with a question-and-answer round in real-time. Behind the scene videos are immensely popular as are the sneak-peek videos.

Thus, from the above, we have clearly concluded the importance of local business video marketing. We live in a fleet-footed world where businesses intend to occupy places in the minds and hearts within the least time yet with the highest quality. For this, videos are the need of the hour! Hire video marketing experts in India to get the world connected to your business and bridge the gap between geographies and time.

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