How to Improve Conversion Rates With Enticing Copy

Online businesses around the world are striving to increase their conversion rate in order to increase their profit. This allows them to catch the attention of their prospective customers. The point to understand here is that attracting customers goes beyond simply having an attractive website. It’s an attractive copy that plays the biggest role. Words can truly help you optimize your conversion if you know your audience. After all, words are the most persuasive tools.

How language impacts conversion

Various studies confirm a direct correlation between linguistics and conversion. The language about any topic or product influences customers. So, as a marketer you should be fully aware about the language you use about your products or services.

According to Crazzy Egg, a popular digital marketing website, “It is you are selling or promoting. Your website is that elevator ride. People stop by, scan briefly, and then decide whether to stay or go.” So your language should sound convincing. Concise and simple language places your product on visitors' minds.

Tips to create a conversion-centric copy

There’s an old saying that goes like this: “It’s not what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it.” And this is indeed true. Here’s how you can write a conversion-oriented copy:

  1. Avoid writing complex copy

    Jargons and complicated language disrupt the flow of smooth communication. Customers don’t like complicated and convoluted messages and they immediately dump such content the moment it comes their way. Here are some tips to write a simple copy:

    1. Use technical jargons only when it is absolutely necessary
    2. Keep your copy simple, crisp, and precise
    3. Avoid using abbreviations
  2. Come to the point quickly

    Nobody will give a damn about your product if you beat about the bush. Avoid using fluffy and convoluted language. Use lists and bullet points, which are easily scanable. Make sure your headlines stand out since they are the most important part of your copy.

  3. Work on increasing trust

    You may be in a hurry to sell something, but people don’t care about your product. They are more responsive to direct and uncluttered language. While working on the trust factor, highlight your website’s unique selling points. People also trust those companies, which have been verified or certified by another organization.

  4. Test your language

    Testing is very important in anything that you do in digital marketing, no matter whether it is related to language or design. The point to understand here is that you should not shy away from conducting A/B tests with different versions of your copy. Testing helps in bringing clarity in your offerings. Using well-thought language leaves a final imprint on the minds of your prospective customers. Test and rethink about the words you have used and your approach towards your copy.

Summing up

You will succeed only when your copy succeeds in persuading people. The Internet is replete with a lot of content, but most of it is mediocre. Writing a great copy can easily make a great difference in conversions. So make your website a useful source of information for readers.