6 Facebook Ad Optimization Tips To Lower CPM

By Daya Mukherjee Jun 12, 2017
6 Facebook Ad Optimization Tips To Lower CPM

Are Facebook ads not working for you? Are you looking to bring down the average CPM rate? In order to come up with the most effective ads, make sure you reach the right audience. Here are 6 tips for doing the same:

  1. Keep mobile and desktop ads separate- The number of people accessing the Internet from mobiles has surpassed the ones who do the same through desktops. So, using the same ads for both would be a mistake. Target either the desktop or the mobile audience so that you can optimize your campaign based on your ads, bids, and conversions. Ads are likely to perform differently on different mediums. In case you are using Power Editor, select the device targeting directly from the Ad set menu.
  2. Optimize desktop newsfeed and right-column ads separately- Segmented ads make for the best practices in marketing. Separating desktop newsfeed and right-column ads is important for launching optimized campaigns as per placement and device. If a desktop newsfeed ad is of a bigger size than a right-column ad, the same ad can perform differently in two separate ad-placements. So, optimize news-feed and right-column ads separately.
  3. Test images- Images are the most important part of a Facebook ad and this is the prime reason why people will click on your ad. So test different images and find out the one that has the maximum click-through rate. After this, find some more images of the same style and keep testing to reach at the right conclusion. This will make a big difference in your ad performance.
  4. Choose a call to action- Selecting the right call to action is an important step and Facebook allows you to choose the right call-to-action button from its list. This can also have an impact on the click-through rate; so keep doing A/B testing to get the best possible results. Currently, there are not many choices, but whatever there is, you should try it out.
  5. Install a pixel- Remarketing or retargeting is the latest buzzword in digital marketing. But many businesses ignore this — which is a big mistake. The conversion Pixel feature helps target those who have already visited your website. To create a conversion pixel, log in to your ad manager and click on conversion tracking. Also follow the prompts to create it. After you receive the code, make sure that it is properly installed in your website header.
  6. Specify a conversion code- Facebook enables you to generate multiple conversion codes to track the different goals of your ad campaign. You will need to tell what code your ad will use for conversion tracking purpose. In power editor, use a Conversion Tracking Pixel at the bottom of your ad setup. You also need to decide whether you will use an existing code or create a new one.

Summing up

Facebook ads can be highly profitable and drive a significant amount of traffic if they are optimized correctly. The above tips will help you optimize your ads properly. When you are familiar with all types of possibilities in a Facebook ad campaign, creating hyper-targeted campaigns will become easier.

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