4 Tips for Mastering E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization

By Daya Mukherjee Jun 23, 2019
4 Tips for Mastering E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Are you worried about the low conversion rate of your ecommerce website? If yes, you can take solace from the fact that more than 98% ecommerce websites have a very low conversion rate. According to a study by Compass, the average conversion rate of ecommerce websites is a mere 1.4 % and even the best performers have a conversion rate of 3%. But knowing this does not solve the real problem since you will obviously be more concerned about increasing your conversion rate.

So, even if you are able to take it to 2% from 1.4%, your sales and revenue will get a huge boost. However, most of you won’t accept anything less than the best. Achieving a higher conversion rate is possible in many industries, but in some, it is rather difficult.

Unfortunately, most ecommerce stores suffer from some common issues that can be easily fixed and that can bring about a big upturn in your conversion rate. The following 4 tips should help you increase the conversion rate of your online store:

  1. Don’t ignore the power of a Search Box : Having a user–friendly search box is important as it simplifies the task of searching for users. Numerous studies have also proved that more than 30% visitors use the search box of an ecommerce store to quickly find the product they are looking to buy. So, you must have a prominently displayed search box on your website, which should be within the header section of your site.
  2. Offer universal free shipping : This is an important part and can be the USP of your ecommerce website. James Brockbank, in Search Engine Journal, writes: “Charging for shipping can kill the conversion rate of e-commerce stores. It’s absolutely vital that you regularly monitor what your competitors are offering in order to be able to at least match what they’re doing or, ideally, better it.”
  3. Post independent reviews : Posting independent reviews can be a big plus so far as boosting conversion rate is concerned. Make sure, however, that they look genuine. Lack of trust is the single biggest factor for the poor conversion rates of ecommerce stores. You can use tools like Trustpilot or Feefo for this purpose.These reviews and ratings can be embedded and shared on your ecommerce store. Customers would love to read them. These platforms are automated and they allow one to post independent third party reviews.
  4. Offer live chat support : You can love it or hate it, but offering the live chat service can work wonders for your ecommerce website. If you are looking for additional conversion, this thing must be a part of your website. It will allow you to provide instant and quick customer service to your clients.

Summing up

The bottom line is that if your ecommerce store does not tick all of the above check boxes, more conversion will remain an elusive dream. As mentioned before, you should also understand that it is not a one-off thing and that it should be an integral part of your whole process. So, keep improving every part of your ecommerce store and fix any problem that you encounter. Results will be there to see for sure.

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