Six Chosen Tips for Targeting Audience on Instagram

By Daya Mukherjee Jun 05, 2017
Six Chosen Tips for Targeting Audience on Instagram

Instagram has grown in popularity considerably and there are many business managers today who look ahead to building a solid presence on this platform for engaging and connecting with their target market.

These 6 tips will be useful to them in achieving their purpose:

Make Hashtags a Part of Your Posts

Hashtags (#marketing) are an important element of Instagram posts. Using hashtags enables users lying outside an existing group of followers find an image. Key posts show up when people search with relevant industry-related hashtags. Popular hashtags have the best chance of getting searched for. However, less popular yet highly-relevant hashtags can also be used effectively. Regardless of the strategy you have employed, try to use at least one hashtag with each post.

Be Part of the Instagram Community

Like other social media sites, Instagram works best when used for forming relationships with other users. Posting images in one’s own vacuum will do little good. What a marketer needs to do is form a community around photos and participate in communities that are already present there. Hashtags enable marketers to connect with users who are outside their reach. They may link and comment on other users’ images to engage with them. A good strategy is to participate in Instagram campaigns that have been designed for a bigger cause.

Keep the Frequency of Your Instagram Posts to an Optimal Level

Marketers often ask how often they must post on Instagram. There can be no hard and fast rule for this and it totally depends on your audience. Most brands post on Instagram around 1.5 times per day. However, contrary to a misconception, high frequency does not result in lower engagement. Starters may begin with once a day and gradually increase the frequency of their posts.

Post Content in Line with Your Brand’s Mission Statement

Images and videos posted on Instagram contribute to a brand’s identity. What is put on Instagram is inextricably linked to a company’s image. One must be selective while picking content for Instagram promotion. For instance, all the content that Starbucks posts is inspirational and heart-warming. It is perfectly in sync with their mission statement – ‘to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.’ This is more effective than random shots of coffee.

Promote Entire Profile

The Instagram profile of a business impacts the number of people who are likely to contribute to the click-through rate of a site. The images and descriptions used in the profile must be in sync with the brand’s vibe. The content must have a link back to the business website. Creating a landing page specifically for Instagram visitors can be helpful. Marketers may add a brand-specific hashtag to their profile so that it becomes obvious who/what it is referring to. They must also include the physical location of the business in the profile.

Use Right Tools

Marketers must use tools that help them save time and get better insights about the platform. For instance, Iconosquare allows them to access account through a web browser, find content that is getting maximum engagement, and track followers. Schedugram works well when it comes to scheduling one’s posts.

Wrapping Up

Instagram enables businesses, regardless of their size and industry, connect effectively with their audience. Proper strategies enable them to enhance the impact of their investment on this social media platform.

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