6 Predictions Concerning Email Marketing for 2017

The era of email marketing, contrary to naysayers, is far from over. It has evolved significantly in the last decade and the impact of mobiles and other engagement-based filters will keep changing it further. In 2017, the thrust on omni-channel marketing will increase even further. This is because it provides much better engagement and ROI compared to social media marketing.

Here are 6 predictions concerning email marketing for 2017:

Prediction #1 Email Marketing 2.0 will come

The email industry is experiencing a wave of integration. It will be more integrated with customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning suites in 2017, and this trend will increase further. It will not just remain a powerful channel on its own but the data generated from email marketing will also provide actionable data insights.

Prediction #2 Gmail will fix its biggest problem

Gmail will add style support to its webmail clients on mobile apps. This will allow email designers, marketers and ESPs to provide a different level of user experience. This is one of the most expected updates from Google for email marketers. It’s because 80% of Gmail users access their accounts via mobiles and desktops.

Prediction #3 Hyper-targeted emails will gain traction

The era of sending generic bulk mails will be over. People are looking more for specific and specialized information. As the user base grows, managing a large subscriber base will become difficult. Therefore, for both marketers and users, hyper-targeted mails will make more sense. So, your goal in the coming year should not be to bombard people with information, but send them the right message at the right time.

Prediction #4 Email templates will offer more control

Email automation is fast becoming the norm and it’s becoming more accessible to businesses of every size. Marketers will get more options with template customization. They can have different versions of the same template. So modular templates will become more popular in 2017 and the segment will continue to grow.

Prediction # 5 Personalization will grow even more

Marketers will focus less on generic emails and more on highly personalized emails. This is because consumers are demanding more personalized information. Automation will enable marketers to provide highly personalized information to their consumers.

Prediction # 6 Interactive emails will gain traction

Interactivity is fast becoming the norm on the Web; we have taken a big leap in terms of interactive graphics. Now the time of interactive email campaigns has come. You will see more eye-popping and engaging campaigns that will stand out in your inbox. This will help elevate your brand to a new level.

Summing up

Email marketing, like any other digital marketing strategy, is changing fast and evolving in many ways. Marketers will continue to experiment with it to increase their reach to their consumers. This will result in more personalized and unique experience for customers in 2017.