An IT Outsourcing overview

During the past two years, there has been a sea change in the way IT is outsourced. Programming outsourcing, in particular, has become more result oriented. Clients are now foc used on quality solutions rather than labor arbitrage. Whether it is PHP development, .Net development or Database programming, the thrust of every sort of programming outsourcing is on agility and flexibility. Clients across the board now want simpler service delivery models that can churn out quality solutions consistently. This is where a dedicated virtual programmer proves to be a valuable resource. The IT outsourcing industry has already wrung out the Fortune 500 companies and the focus is now on small and medium players who want customized programming solutions to suit their individual requirements. A dedicated remote programmer is the ideal choice for such SMEs.


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Hire PHP, .Net, C++, Java programmers and developers from India

  • Hire dedicated programmers to work exclusively for you
  • Hire an entire virtual team of developers, who work together from a single office instead of being scattered all over the globe
  • We have access to a huge database of some of the finest and most talented programmers and developers in the country
  • Our own in-house team of highly skilled IT professionals have experience of working on more than 500 projects
  • Our clients hail from US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Candidates are already pre-screened and have undergone technical rounds of interviews
  • You personally interview each one of them and handpick the most suitable ones
  • All candidates are ‘work-ready’ and can start working for you as soon as you want them to

Hot Hires! Dedicated Programmers Available for Hire

We have employees with the following skill sets ready and available for hire straightaway.

Website Developer

Hire dedicated website developer coder who can work for you like your in-house employee and carry out your programming/ development requirements such as website development, HTML development, J2EE programming, ASP programming, ASP.Net development and Ajax development.

  • Website Development
  • HTML Development
  • J2EE Programming
  • ASP Programming
  • ASP.NET Development Services
  • Ajax Development
  • Ruby on Rails Development

Software Developer

Your dedicated software developer can handle tasks ranging from PHP programming, custom software development, to .Net programming, VB.NET development, Java programming, Flex programming, and Application development.

  • PHP Programming
  • Custom Software Development
  • .Net Programming
  • VB.NET Development
  • Java Programming
  • Flex Programming
  • Application Development

Database Management Systems (Database Administrator)

Hire a dedicated Database Administrator from to work for you on creating error-free and beautifully streamlined database management systems such as DBMS, Multidimensional DBMS, Relational database management systems, Data mining, Network databases, Relational databases, and Object-oriented databases.

  • DBMS
  • Multidimensional DBMS
  • Relational database management systems
  • Data Mining
  • Network Databases
  • Relational Databases
  • Object-oriented Databases

Software Tester

Hire a dedicated Software Tester to handle your software testing requirements such as Automated software testing, Manual software testing, White-box testing and Black-box testing.

  • Software Testing
  • Automated Software Testing
  • Manual Software Testing
  • White-Box Testing
  • Black-box Testing

CMS Developer

Hire dedicated CMS developers from us who can create customized content management systems for you. We have CMS developers who are proficient in Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, DotNetNuke, Typo3, ExpressionEngine and TYPOlight development.

  • Drupal Development Services
  • Joomla Development Services
  • WordPress Development
  • DotNetNuke Development
  • Typo3 Development
  • ExpressionEngine Development
  • TYPOlight Development

Ecommerce Solutions Developer

Hire marketing savvy professionals who will work for you exclusively and dedicatedly and provide you with customised Ecommerce solutions such as SSL certificates and Ecommerce marketing.

  • SSL Certificates
  • Ecommerce Marketing

Just choose and hire!
Every candidate is pre-screened
Their backgrounds are thoroughly checked
We ensure that they have work experience in
the fields that you desire
You can interview each candidate face-to-face via video conferencing in ‘real’ time

You Ask, We Answer

How much do I need to pay to test the developer before hiring them out?

You can test the candidate’s skill and ability free of cost for up to 4 hours. During this time, you may have him work on any aspect of your project to gauge his expertise and level of experience. We do not charge you anything for this initial trial period and you are under no compulsion to hire if you are not satisfied with the candidate’s performance during these 4 hours.

I need a very senior programmer who is familiar with all the latest technologies in PHP. Can I get someone like that from you?

Yes, you can. We have a huge database of IT professionals from all IT domains, be it programming, development, software testing or database management. Sourcing a senior programmer may take a while but we are confident of helping you hire them.

I want a Java developer, a PHP programmer, a software tester and a database administrator. Can I hire them all from you?

Yes, you can hire as many multiple skill resources from us as you wish. For this, our team model is the best as for the price of one employee, you get a whole team of different skill employees.

Know more about us

You can go through Case Studies of actual programming and developing work done by virtual employees. These detailed Case Studies highlight the challenges faced, the solutions created and the technologies used in the course of the work. To give you an idea of the caliber of resources that you can hire with us, we have also added some Sample Resumes. In addition, details of the different Technologies used by the Programmers and Developers have also been listed in detail for each category (PHP, Dot Net etc). Browse through the Testimonials of our satisfied clients to get a better understanding of the kind of high quality services our virtual employees have provided. Learn all about the Advantages of hiring a dedicated programmer/ developer with us.