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Virtual Employee - An Alternative To Hiring Employees Locally or Outsourcing

  • Want to hire an employee locally? But want to reduce cost?
  • Don't make the common mistake of outsourcing or hiring freelancers
  • Because what you really need is a Virtual Employee
Want to Outsource to India? Hire a Virtual Employee in Any Profession or Domain for Only $1095 - $1995 / month

e.g. Software Developers, Engineering and Architect, Accountants and Finance Analyst, Lawyers, Mobile Apps Developers, Graphics and Web Designers, IT Hardware and Networking Admin, Multimedia, Internet Marketers, Content Writers, Admin Support, HR, Data Entry Executives, Transcriptionists, Rare and Specialist Skills etc.

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Working Remotely

Working Remotely!

  • Your VE is equipped with the latest computer hardware
  • You decide what software and hardware your VE uses to work with you remotely
  • Our managers physically supervise your VE to ensure they are working dedicatedly
    and following your instructions
  • We are present 24x7 should you require any real time assistance
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Your office in India


  • Think of our service as opening your very own offshore office in India
  • You hire a dedicated VE that works exclusively for and with you
  • We act as your physical representatives on the ground in India
  • We manage your employee as you instruct us to
  • That's not all. We also take care of all the non-work related issues and office
    logistics on your behalf
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Data Security


  • Employee can work real-time on your computer
  • 24x7 internet traffic surveillance by our IT team
  • Virtualization and Thin client - employee can work from a cloud environment
  • Websites and personal email accounts can be blocked
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VE Facilities

Facilities we offer!

  • Office located in the prestigious Government-approved Special Economic
    Zone (SEZ)
  • Dedicated video conferencing rooms
  • Multiple high-speed lease line internet connections
  • On site 24x7 power back-up & centralized air conditioning
  • State-of-the-art office facility, high quality infrastructure and
    spacious workstations
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VE Advantage

Virtual Employee Advantage!

  • Set up your own office in India at zero cost
  • Rolling monthly contract - no long-term commitment
  • Hire professionals in any domain - build an offshore team
  • Time zone difference doesn't matter - your VE can work the same
    office hours as you
  • Offshore with control - no middle man - just hire and work with a
    VE like you would with a local employee
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Get Started

Get Started!

  • Easy to start; just fill up our form
  • Choose your preferred recruitment option
  • Start receiving resumes
  • Interview and test the candidates we put forward
  • Select the employee you want to hire
  • If you aren't impressed with any of the candidates, there is no obligation
    to use our service
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  • Kevin Norton, a professor at a university in South Australia, Adelaide Fitness Solutions - South Australia “Hired programmers who are developing applications which are custom software development in the health and fitness industry." My experience is that the last five months have given me great confidence to go again and use Virtual Employee for my next product. The resource here is enormous in terms of skills, and within those teams I can find people to do solutions in product development. So, that gives me confidence that no matter what the product involves or the type of skills required, I’d find them here.
  • Chris Pfluger, CEO and Cofounder of Optomatic, a company that provides a video advertising platform for publishers “Beyond my expectations… we needed 24x7 support from day one and you guys made it happen and there has not been a hiccup since.”
    “We needed 24x7 hours, seven-days-a-week people for data entry, reporting, and analytics for which, frankly, we couldn’t find employees here in the US. Nobody wanted to work overnight here! VE has been great; within 1.5 years we have hired 7 employees and it has been spectacular ever since. All the Virtual Employees we have hired are smart, articulate, educated and it’s like having the same people here except that they are over there. The scalability was another advantage. Last time we needed to scale the employees from 2 to 5 in a week and you guys were able to do it for us. I would definitely recommend as it has been great for us – the price, the scalability, the reliability, and the accuracy – that has been the most stunning part of it.
  • Larry Spencer - Vice President, Hired Application Developers, USA - "I think the biggest benefit that gave us was that we have been able to get good talent rapidly. We spent thousands of dollars in recruitment fees and managed to get just one developer after almost 2 years of continuous searching. In contrast, for an almost negligible charge, we received four Premium quality employees within just a couple of months from"
  • Simon McCaroll - Director of, Hired PHP Developer, UK - "We weren’t finding the needed skill set in the UK but found it with VE. We had been facing a lot of difficulty in matching the right wages to the right skills, but solved that problem for us. We had tried freelancers and even hired expensive in-house resources, but neither option worked for us.’s Team Model suited us perfectly. We have hired a PHP developer and also work with graphic designers. There is no language barrier and our employees haven’t missed a deadline."
  • Property Tax Consulting LLC, USA - Michael Abdalla, USA - "You guys have cut my time by half." "The work has done is fantastic. You guys have cut my time by half. I want to thank you for all the work you do for me"
  • Dooa Wholesale Limited, UK - Jass Singh, UK - "It feels like we have an extended office working here in India." "We hired a software developer and we were very impressed with's HR process. It was very thorough and very professional."
  • Service Freaks, LLC, USA - Joshua Wilson, USA - My dream would not be possible without VE is the standard for outsourcing. "As a sole owner and investor in my company, hiring a web developer or a web development team here in the US was way out of my cost boundary. I have found working with virtual employees a delightful experience"
  • Heritage Christian Online School, Canada - Richard Bitgood, Canada - We have hired 2 virtual employees and it has been a great experience. It was highly successful. "We have used virtual employees for the past 2 years and have worked with 2 virtual employees at a time. I like the fact that we get to interview and choose our own employees. We have worked with other companies in the past"
  • SEED Engineering, Australia - Great mutually beneficial relationship "This business model has worked well for us - giving the benefits of outsourcing without losing the effectiveness as we see in many outsourcing activities. VE have always proved that our business is their first concern. I strongly suggest that if you are looking. to reduce either your cost, enable your start-up or perhaps improve the quality of your work, this is a very real, worthwhile option."
  • Joannes Burns, Germany (Reseller of VE services) - The employees we rented gave no trouble at all "Our experience with has been very good. The employees (we rented) were very motivated and reliable and many of them were very highly trained and skilled. The technical equipment was never a problem..there were never any blackouts, etc."
  • Felix Bopp, Germany (Buyer of VE services from Joannes) For each project Virtual Employee India found us the developer with the right skills "We have been working with for many years and I have to say that we are very happy. For each project found us the developer with the right skills. The service of is very excellent and the communication very fast and smooth with them as well as with the developer."
  • Spencer Freeman, USA - A great experience "With VE, it is a turnkey situation - they provide everything. I pay one price and that's it. And what was a dream was not having to deal with the regulations and government red tape for hiring additional people."
  •, Canada - Time zone made no difference "Being in different time zones could have been a problem but Virtual Employee made sure we had the required resources available at all times and provided us with the right communications tools."
  • 123 Marbella Internet Services, Spain - Very professional and polite "I have hired several different people via Virtual Employee all of which have been very personable, professional, polite at all times. I am very happy to hire Virtual Employee and have no doubt that they can support your business as they have mine."
  • As Seen On TV Infomercials, INC., USA - Would not hesitate to use them again "The Virtual Employee candidates we hired worked diligently and were able to accomplish our goals in the specified time frames. They are truly an outsource HR department as well as they provide a virtual work environment for the contractor, and the skill level we specified."
  • ADF Accessories Inc, USA - Impressed with the ease of the hiring process "Virtual Employee has helped us tremendously in increasing our bottom line. We have been able to outsource to India crucial aspects of our inventory management workload using Virtual Employees highly competent outsourcing infrastructure which freed up the needed capital to invest in growing and reinforcing our business in the areas needed."
  • Akron Technical Staffing, LLC, USA - We made the right choice "Everyone here at Akron Technical Staffing is very pleased with the services of Virtual Employee. We found it extremely easy to get our company setup with you."
  • Oxygen Adventures Inc., Canada - Many thanks for freeing up my time "I have contacted and compared many offshore outsourcing companies but none have been more courteous, professional, and efficient as Whatever the task, the dynamic and very qualified staff at are capable of delivering your requests in a timely, professional, and affordable manner while always keeping your best interests in mind."
  • Phone Business PL, Australia - is very professional "We required specific skill sets for the tasks at hand, including web developers, programmers, designers and the employees that VE provided us with were of a high standard."
  • Webjuicer Ltd, Belgium - They did a super job " did a super job pre-screening applicants and providing a mathematics statistician. If you are looking for top quality people, simplicity and value for money, we can recommend"
  • SmartLinc Inc., USA - Plan on hiring more employees "We could not find .net ASP developers in our area. In less than a week Virtual Employee had found us two candidates that were qualified and two months later, they are both doing just great."
  •, Ireland - We managed a greater profit margin "Our employee at your offices completed what we estimated to be four weeks work in just 14 days at a cost of roughly a quarter of what it would have cost us here in Ireland. Furthermore he required no supervision or monitoring."
  • International Strategic Sales, LLC, USA - Had both control over and access to my employee "I was able to have an entire team for a large project interviewed, hired, and ready for work in less than a week. I now employ 3, through Virtual Employee, full-time and they have exceeded my expectations. was the only outsourcing company in India I could find that gave me both control and interaction unequivocally."
  •, UK - They did a great job! "The Programmer I hired delivered what I had asked for and more, and most of all the staff at are very polite friendly people. I highly recommend that you use Virtual Employee if you want these same benefits".
  •, USA - Thoroughly satisfied with outsourcing service to India through VE. "They allowed me to select the best candidates who I felt would be right for the job. I was able to review the ones I wanted and then selected the best one for me. I was able to contact them when I needed and they worked the hours I requested. The project went great."
  •, UK - Very pleased with the service "I am very pleased with the outsourcing services of and will certainly use your services again in the future."
  •, Australia - Great customer service "We decided on Virtual Employee not only because they were priced below their competitors but because of their great customer service. The data entry work has been of a high standard and was completed very quickly."
  •, Canada - Will definitely use your services again "It has been a pleasure working with my employee. He seemed to work hard creating the document I needed based on the requirements and directives I set out for him. I was pleased that when he was unclear about something he would call me rather than assume."
  •, USA - We took a wise decision "This has truly been a fantastic service. You got our data entry project done in an extremely timely manner. It was delivered ahead of schedule, and the accuracy was terrific!"
  • Siegeltuch Associates Inc., USA - Thank you for the timely completion "Your employee diligently followed specifications and quickly finished despite the often nearly impossible task of reading poorly written data sheets. Your business outsourcing model has allowed us to cost effectively concentrate on our area of expertise rather than worry about lower level tasks."
  • ATHE, UK - Great specialist company "I was able to have an entire team for a large project interviewed, hired, and ready for work in less than a week. I now employ 3, through Virtual Employee, full-time and they have exceeded my expectations. was the only company I could find that gave me both control and interaction unequivocally."
  • Pressies4princesses, UK - Very resourceful and conscientious employee "We chose to offshore because we were spending more and more money on freelancers. VE provided us with a very good Senior Content Writer, very resourceful and conscientious, and it turned out to be a very good decision on our part."
  • SEOBOLD LLC, USA - Best value for money "My company has worked with countless offshore companies around the world but we chose as the best value for money because it offered us the unbeatable combination of capability and price."
  • Bluefish Retail Ltd, UK - Our virtual employee has become a part of our company " gave us the right fit by allowing us to be able to control our Web Developers time. They took care of everything else such as HR, office support, desktop. Our VE has now become very much part of our company. Its like having an extra colleague working with us in the office"
  • Chesterford Group, UK - Very rewarding experience "Within 8 months we were very satisfied with our VE and invited him to the UK for more intensive training. Our outsource to India experience was so rewarding that we have initiated a series of steps to establish our extension offshore team here in India"
  • PineaapleSoft OnLine, Belgium - We worked with the same web developer instead of different people "Outsourcing has turned out to be good for cost and flexibility reasons and we found that with We were concerned that if we worked with a local consultant we would have to work with different people and explain our work all the time. VE helps keep the same Website Developer working with us"
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