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Virtual Employee - An Alternative To Hiring Employees Locally or Outsourcing

  • Want to hire an employee locally? But want to reduce cost?
  • Don't make the common mistake of outsourcing or hiring freelancers
  • Because what you really need is a Dedicated Remote Employee
Want to Outsource to India? Hire talented Indian Professionals in Any Profession or Domain for Only $1095 - $1995 / month

Software Development, Engineering and Architecture, Accounts and Finance, Legal processes, Mobile Apps Development, Graphics and Web Designing, Animation and Multimedia, Internet Marketing, Content Writing, Admin Support, HR and Recruitment, IT Technical Support and Network Administration, Data Entry, Transcription, Rare and Specialist Skills, and much more.

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Working Remotely

Working Remotely!

  • Your offshore employee is equipped with the latest computer hardware
  • You decide what software and hardware your virtual employee uses to
    work with you remotely
  • Our managers physically supervise your remote employee to ensure
    they are working dedicatedly and following your instructions
  • We are present 24x7 should you require any real-time assistance
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Your office in India


  • Think of our service as opening your very own offshore office in India
  • You hire a dedicated virtual employee that works exclusively for and with you
  • We act as your physical representatives on the ground in India
  • We manage your resource as you instruct us to
  • That's not all. We also take care of all the non-work related issues and office
    logistics on your behalf
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Data Security


  • Your remote staff can work real-time on your computer
  • 24x7 internet traffic surveillance by our IT team
  • Virtualization and Thin Client — your remote employee can
    work from a cloud environment
  • Websites and personal email accounts can be blocked
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VE Facilities

Facilities we offer!

  • Office located in the prestigious Government-approved Special Economic
    Zone (SEZ)
  • Dedicated video conferencing room
  • Multiple high-speed lease line internet connections
  • On site 24x7 power backup & centralized air-conditioning
  • State-of-the-art office facility, high-quality infrastructure
    spacious workstations
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VE Advantage

THE VE Advantage!

  • Set up your own office in India at zero cost
  • Rolling monthly contract — no long-term commitment
  • Hire remote staff in any domain — build an offshore team
  • Time-zone difference doesn't matter — your offshore employee
    can work the same office hours as you
  • Offshore with control - no middle man - just hire and work with a
    virtual employee like you would with a local employee
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Get Started

Get Started!

  • Easy to start; just fill up our form
  • Choose your preferred recruitment option
  • Start receiving resumes
  • Interview and test the candidates we put forward
  • Select the employee you want to hire
  • If you aren't impressed with any of the candidates, there is no obligation
    to use our service
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If we were to sum up our business model in two short sentences, it would be this.
1. Outsourcing in theory. Hiring Remote Employees in reality.'s unique business model, which is remote staffing, has revolutionized the traditional outsourcing industry. On the face of it, it may seem as though you are 'outsourcing' your work, let’s say from the US to a remote location such as India. In reality, you are hiring a dedicated, remote employee who works directly for you from’s offices in India.

2. You (the client) retain full control over both, your work and your remote staff.
You assign tasks, review your employee's work, provide any required training, set project deadlines and overall project manage your online employee. There are high levels of collaboration, interaction and management between you and your Virtual Employee in India. The only difference between a Virtual Employee and a local employee is that the former works for you remotely and not physically from your office.

A Virtual Employee is a remote addition to your team and organization.

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