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It is abundance of talent and stability that make clients common doubts, concerns and expectations of a company that wants to outsource a business process:

  • Is the destination safe to outsource?
  • Will I get enough talent to meet my requirements?
  • Is it cost-effective to outsource?
  • Will I get good ROI?
  • Is the business environment congenial?
  • Is it free from political and ethnic strife?

India as an outsourcing destination answers all these questions in the affirmative and inspires confidence in the western clients who want to outsource.

Abundant talent + Political stability + Low Costs = India

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India has been a market leader in outsourcing for more than two decades, and despite competition from emerging outsourcing destinations, the Asian giant continues to be the world’s favorite, unrivalled in both manpower and talent.

India – the natural choice

India and outsourcing have been synonymous for more than two decades now, ever since the first BPO units were set up in India by several European airlines in the early 1980s.

Twenty years later, India continues to rule the outsourcing landscape. In spite of the emergence of alternative outsourcing destinations like Eastern Europe, South America, China and the Philippines, more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies still prefer to outsource their software development to India *(Source: NASSCOM).

So, the question – why outsource to India?

Aware of the evolving demands of the global marketplace, the Indian outsourcing industry has reinvented itself at regular intervals and emerged victorious every time.

Many factors tilt the scales in India’s favor – political stability, world’s largest technical talent pool and one of the fastest growing economies – to name just a few.

    Key attributes of India

  • India is the largest democracy of the world with an independent judiciary
  • Its 700 universities produce more than 5 million graduates annually *(Source: University Grants Commission of India)
  • The US dollar is much stronger than the Indian Rupee
  • Is a member of WTO and thus has a business-friendly economy
  • Is home to world-class institutions like IITs and IIMs
  • Has the world’s second largest English-speaking population
  • Has a highly diversified outsourcing industry
  • Strong pro-outsourcing Government policies
  • Boasts well-established software, services and manufacturing industries
  • Is a world leader in telecommunications and information technology

India enjoys a unique position

Entrepreneurs and companies in the West are fully aware of how such unique attributes of an outsourcing destination can add value to their business. Not surprisingly, India stands out as the first outsourcing destination of choice for western entrepreneurs and companies.