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We provide end-to-end PHP development solutions using the latest technologies

Hire dedicated PHP developers who have years of experience in PHP website development, having worked with a host of international clients. Our professionals have expertise in LAMP/WAMP architecture development, custom PHP programming, e-Commerce PHP platform and development, Drupal/Joomla CMS portal development, CMS developing using PHP frameworks, and social media integration using PHP.

VE’s PHP experts have proved their skills in core PHP technologies, frameworks, and CMS and can, therefore, give a fresh impetus to your PHP-related work. Additionally, with our talented PHP developers you can enjoy foolproof data security and complete project management authority.

As soon as you contact us with your business goals and technical specification of your job, we help you hire remote PHP developers who would work dedicatedly for you. So, hurry!

  • You can hire one or several PHP developers and build your own PHP team
  • Interview and handpick your PHP developer from a large pool of talented PHP developers
  • Cost: Depending upon the experience and exposure of the candidates, the cost for hiring a PHP developer varies
    between US $1095 – $1995
Technologies you can hire
  • LAMP Stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, PHP5
  • PHP Framework: ZEND, CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii
  • CMS: Drupal, Magento, Joomla, WordPress, PHPNuke, Mambo
  • Forum: PHPBB, Drupal Forum, Expression Engine, vBulletin
  • CRM Integration: SugarCRM, Vtiger, Salesforce
  • eCommerce:Magento, CS-Cart, X-Cart, Zen Cart, osCommerce, 2CheckOut
  • Web Development Technologies: Dojo, jQuery, Json, AJAX, XML parsing, Web services, CSS, HTML

and many more…

How Does It Work?
OneSend us your PHP requirement NOW!
TwoWe send you resumes of screened, shortlisted candidates
ThreeTest and/or interview the shortlisted candidates
FourIf you like any one of the candidates, you can hire them straightaway

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Our PHP Development Team

PHP Development Team at VE

We answer YOUR queries!

Why do you need to hire dedicated PHP developers?

Businesses need customized PHP development that suits their individual requirements. Customized PHP solutions also minimize errors and as a result give you better control of your business. To get PHP development which is unique to your business, you need talented PHP developers whom you can manage in your own way. You can get access to such resources only by hiring remote dedicated PHP developers.

What are the advantages of a dedicated PHP developer?

  1. A dedicated virtual PHP developer is your own employee who works exclusively for you from a remote location.
  2. Your dedicated PHP developer can work the same hours as you do, irrespective of your geographical location.
  3. You can collaborate and communicate with your remote employees as per your convenience. Better communication means you can get customized PHP development solutions.
  4. You get cost benefit because your dedicated PHP developer works from an economically cheaper location.

How can boost your business? is the pioneer of the concept of dedicated remote employees. Our unique business model is designed to give maximum benefits to our clients.

  1. Just give us your requirements and we will find the best PHP developers for you.
  2. As we are located in India, we have access to the largest IT talent pool.
  3. You get to interview the shortlisted candidates for yourself.
  4. You have the flexibility to increase or decrease the team size of your dedicated PHP developers.
  5. We give you access to the most modern communication devices to collaborate online with your remote dedicated PHP developers.
  6. Your dedicated PHP developers work from our own state-of-the-art office.
  7. We provide all the necessary software, hardware, office space, and infrastructure to your dedicated PHP developers.
  8. Our office serves as your own offshore office.

What are the PHP technologies that we use?

Our dedicated resources are proficient in all the PHP technologies, including:

  1. Core PHP
  2. Drupal
  3. Magento
  4. WordPress
  5. Joomla
  6. ZenCart
  7. OsCommerce

What are the different frameworks that we use?

We use every PHP framework to give customized solutions to our client. These frameworks include:

  1. Zend
  2. CodeIgniter
  3. Yii
  4. CakePHP

What makes our project life cycle unique?

Our project life cycle has been designed to give PHP solutions as per the individual needs of our clients.

  1. First, the initial design is prepared.
  2. Then the initial design is sent back to the client for approval.
  3. Once the client approves the design, our developers convert it into HTML/CSS.
  4. Later, functionality is added to it as per the needs of individual clients.

How do we secure your critical data?

We ensure maximum security for a client’s data

  1. To do so, access to source codes is limited to the Technical Lead, developer and the Quality Controller.
  2. We use the SVN system to store the critical data of clients.
  3. All external hard drives are disabled in the systems used by developers.

What is the benefit of using PHP language over others?

PHP is one of the most popular languages used in web application development today. In combination with open source technologies like MySQL, AJAX, etc. it is among the most preferred web development technology. Developing websites and web applications using PHP and related open source technologies is comparatively more cost-effective in comparison to other options.

People say that PHP is ideal for developing small or medium sized web applications. Is that true?

Some of the world’s leading online platforms like Yahoo and Facebook are based on PHP. In addition, the popular CMS Drupal is being used by some of the world’s leading publishing houses. So, if anyone says that PHP is for small or medium sized websites, they are perhaps not aware of the true capabilities of this language.

What do you do to keep your resources in line with latest updates in open source technology?

At, we provide cutting-edge technological training to our resources. We keep them updated on all the latest advances in technology. That’s why they are capable of developing web applications based on PHP that match global standards.