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Why Outsourcing is Always Better than Crowdsourcing

Posted by Daya on November 24, 2015

Outsourcing vs Crowdsourcing – How to Select between Both Outsourcing and crowdsourcing, though considered by many to be sort of similar, are as different as chalk and cheese. While both involve getting the work done outside the regular office, the…

Misinformation leading cause for outsourcing debacles

Posted by Daya on November 10, 2014

Why do some people get outsourcing wrong? Ever given it a thought? Real thought. Not – oh, these Indian service providers are like that… Or, what else can you expect from an offshore freelancer? But, real analysis into why some…

‘Developer Bob’ Vs Outsourcing Myths

Posted by Daya on January 28, 2013

Developer ‘Bob’ Outsourced His Own Work to China When the lid was blown off the outsourcing scam cleverly and quietly engineered by the now-famous ‘Bob,’ a software engineer in the US, it drew mixed reactions from the world. Bob had…

Obama Vs the Outsourcing Industry

Posted by Daya on November 8, 2012

Does Obama’s Re-Election Spell Doom for Job Shipping in US? Congratulations to President Barack Obama for getting re-elected to the White House for a second term in one of the most keenly contested and neck-and-neck US Presidential races in recent…

Barack Obama and His New Anti-Outsourcing Policies

Posted by Daya on October 31, 2012

Barack obama renews his anti outsourcing tirade even as indian it giants create jobs for americans In an ironical twist which was probably not anticipated, even as Barack Obama tries to woo the American voter with his favourite whipping boy…

Leading Minds Come Out Strongly in Favor of Job Shipping

Posted by Daya on October 16, 2012

What world leaders say about job shipping The practice of job shipping remains a highly contentious and delicate topic among the general US population. Shipping of jobs to India, in particular, has been subject to the fiercest of criticisms. Job…


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