Why Outsource e-Discovery Services to India?

Find Needles in the Haystacks

Electronic Discovery also stated as e-discovery or e-Discovery is a salient process of collecting and evaluating electronic material information to carry out the litigation in the required manner.

Are your facing problems concerned with your data collection wasting your invaluable hours? Are you in search of effective e-Discovery services to carry out your business fluently? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. Allow VE’s quality e-Discovery experts to ease your business structure with reliable and professional e-Discovery services in India.

Our amenities include peculiar E-discovery support services for providing a variety of sub-domains that includes Digital Forensics, Document Production, Objective Coding, e-Trials, Virtual Arbitrations and more. Virtual Employee, one of the best e-Discovery companies in India, engages in a firm recruitment process that enables the selection of elite e-Discovery experts from all over the India.

VE’s e-Discovery team includes experienced professionals from an assortment of regimens including management and communication experts. With years of experience, our e-Discovery professionals and specialists are the best expedients to work with. Our certified e-Discovery specialists are well-steered, experienced, and follow a constant approach to work beyond your expectations.

Just unload all your caseload on a team consisting of highly professional e-Discovery experts.

Domains that our e-Discovery experts in India cater to:
  • Bankruptcy Law

  • Family Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Employment Law

  • DUI Defense

  • Immigration Law

  • Intellectual Property Law

  • Taxation Law

  • Insurance Law

  • Environment Law

  • Entertainment Law

  • Corporate Laws

  • Real Estate Laws

  • Antitrust Laws

  • Medical technology Laws

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Full Suite of Managed e-Discovery Services

To Minimize the Risk and Maximize Compliance

Forensic Data Collection

VE’s e-Discovery experts in India have experience in undertaking the task of capturing data with forensic methodology. Our digital forensic experts have more than a decade’s experience in complex data extractions across a range of digital devices.

e-Discovery Consultation

Narrow your workload with determined e-Discovery specialists’ advice. Lessen the risk incorporated in identifying, collecting, and analyzing electronic data by experienced professionals in quick perfunctory time.

Data Processing and Hosting

Our team of certified e-Discovery experts deliver cost-effective managed document review services along with flawless reporting and transparency for law departments or outside counsel. We follow an approach that ensures quick, accurate and consistent processing.

Document Review

VE’s electronic discovery specialists follow a streamlined process for capturing and aggregating data. They filter the data to minimize the review time. This helps them to effectively sort the documents in the fastest way.

e-Discovery Infrastructure Support

Our infrastructure support services cover 24X7 monitoring, dedicated hardware, 128-bit encryption, Role-based user authentication and SSAE16 to streamline the process and weed out data transfer duplication and processing.

Production e-Discovery

Our team of e-Discovery professionals is there to assist you with production services such as native production, PDF production, hybrid production, placeholder generation, and many more.

Methodology that Keeps You at the Forefront

Quality Guidance. Desired results.

Early Case Assessment

VE is known for complete document review in record time. With expert context coding, combined with accurate and AI-powered search, our experts review bulk documents rapidly.

Precise use of Legal Acumen

Our e-discovery experts observe the details of the legal dispute acutely and cull out the key document favorable to our client, thereby reducing the gap between them and their success.

Strong retention Rate

Multiple client base with strong and determined e-discovery team to suit their tailored requirement, with proven track record of prolonged success stories.

On the Fence About Outsourcing Your e-Discovery Work?

Here Are the Top 6 Benefits

Free Trial

Sign up for a free discussion or 1-week trial. Your choice.

Powerful Search

No matter how complex the search string is, our e-Discovery experts will accurately extract the data.

Enterprise-Class Security

Our end-to-end encrypted model ensures high-end security for your business.

Preservation of Data

Our duty does not end with finding important piece of evidence, it actually starts there. We ensure the security of clients’ data and preserve it in the desired format.

Regular Updates

Ensure continuity in work with regular updates from the e-Discovery experts to cater to your unexpected and circumstantial needs.

Customized Solution

Virtual Employee provides customized solutions for multiple arrays of our clients.

Select from Our 3 Hiring Prototypes

Switch efficiently between the work models as per your need

Dedicated Model

Acquire an e-Discovery expert from India who works consistently for you. Just like your personal resources without any permit issue.

Team Model

Are you in search of a team of experts for handling your case? VE is here for you with its team model which ensures you with a militia of quality and highly experienced e-Discovery professionals.

Ad-Hoc Model

VE provides the ultimate facility of selecting an e-Discovery expert as per your requirement and choice. You are free to choose your preferred legal professionals on a full-time or a part-time role.

Hire an e-Discovery Expert within 8 Hours

Save Your Biggest Asset – Time

Hiring e-Discovery Experts was Never This Simple

You need not to search and shuffle through job portals for hiring an e-Discovery expert. You can easily choose a resource with VE in just 4 simple steps.

  • Inform Us

    Brief us about your expectations from our legal e-Discovery services.

  • Select the best

    Shortlist and select from a variety of e-Discovery specialists.

  • Create Your Team

    Build up your team with the qualified e-Discovery specialists of your choice.

  • Get Going

    Your selected resource is up for grabs now. Start your project as early as today.

Proven Proficiency

Litigation Support and Investigation That Matters

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your questions answered

As I possess sensitive legal data, can I assure its safety?

VE owns a firm security system which have it roots from the EU’s GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA and US’ ECPA. Moreover, our employees our bound by a signed NDA (Non-disclosure agreement).

Is any third-party e-Discovery services hired by VE for my requirements?

We trust our owns. VE doesn’t include any third-party in its working structure, its reliability and quality deliverance is boosted by presence of qualified professionals.

Can I have a free trial before hiring e-Discovery expert?

You are welcome. VE offers 1 week trial facility with your opted e-Discovery expert. If you are satisfied with the service deliverance then you can continue with your selected e-Discovery expert.

What are the different types of eDiscovery?

Different types of ESI includes emails, instant messaging chats, documents, accounting databases, CAD/CAM files, Web sites, and any other e-info that could be relevant evidence in a lawsuit.

Till how long I can avail your offshore E-discovery experts?

There is no presence of any limit factor in our services, you can opt for the professionals as per your requirements. Our e-Discovery services in India can be availed for days, weeks, months, and even years.

Will I be getting regular updates from the resource?

Yes, we ensure utmost transparency in all phases of your legal matter. You will be in direct contact of the e-Discovery specialist and you can even ask for hourly updates.

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