Find out how Paragon Systems benefited by hiring from Virtual Employee, the leading PHP development company in India

Virtual Employee had experienced software developers readily available.

Robert Hess, the Founder of US-based Paragon Print Systems, was so impressed with the ease of communication with Virtual Employee – the best PHP web development company in India – that he extended his firm’s association with us to a permanent 24-hour workforce arrangement. “VE’s workforce understands our company,” he asserts.

Virtual Employee had experienced software developers readily available.

Virtual Employees have great work ethic, deliver work of superior quality.

Hiring with Virtual Employee was 6 months faster than in the US.

Bob’s Brilliant Response to Those Who Criticize Outsourcing

We tried hiring locals, but they did not have the required technical skills.

Hassle-free communication with VE resources made work quick & easy.

We look at VEs as our employees. Virtual Employee is an extension of our office.

We hired software developers from Virtual Employee and the project was pretty successful.

We have been very happy with our VE programmers.

We hired a data entry specialist from Virtual Employee and he has been excellent.

Our VE resource has gone above and beyond our expectations.