Check out how Priva benefitted by hiring engineers from VirtualEmployee, one of the world’s largest remote staffing service provider

The skill level, work ethic and commitment of VE engineers is very high.

Priva, a 500-people strong company based out of Holland, was able to overcome the shortage of embedded engineers in Europe by hiring embedded software and hardware engineers from in India. To their surprise, they found that the skill level, work ethic and commitment of VE’s offshore embedded engineers was higher than a typical engineer in Europe.

The only way of starting quickly was to outsource and to go offshore.
With VE, we were able to scale up and scale down quickly.
I always felt that the VE people in India were sitting next to me.
(VE guys)… were able to design things that worked first time (saving us from rework)
I always got the impression that your (VE’s) guys are on top of their game
Team in India and the team here have always been one team.
We are disengaging with VE not because of any problem from its side.
Unlike just a resource provider, VE offers motivation & social support to its people.
VE people are happy and well-looked-after, which reflects in the work performance.
Our contact with VE was much more positive compared to the one with the other competitor.
You should outsource, but not just because it is easy on the pocket.
Outsourcing itself does not hurt the local economies.
Indians can be as innovative as the people of any other nationality.
If you don’t use your intellectual property relatively quickly, someone else is going to invent it.
In future, I would hire Virtual Employees over freelancers, even for short-term projects.
All VE engineers are capable of working independently and do not need regular follow- ups.
Hiring from Virtual Employee doubled our productivity.
Hiring VE engineers literally took us six months ahead in terms of time.
Commitment & work ethic of a VE engineer is better than that of a typical European engineer.
Virtual Employee assisted in creating a culturally diverse team, which aided innovation.
I outsourced to India because it has an amazing pool of software developers.
My VE resources worked very independently and I hardly had to follow them up.
Apart from designing the board, VE engineer would test it and often wrote software to test them.
We were always asking a lot from our VE resources and they delivered every time.
My Lead Engineer in India Comfortably Wore Many Different Hats.
With VE Engineers we Made More than 100 PCBs in Five Years.
VE Engineers were completely involved in the process from beginning to end.