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In this era of innovation and high dependence on the uniqueness of products and services, it becomes crucial for organizations to protect their Intellectual Properties.

Intellectual Property is a strategic asset for a business or an institution. Yet, unlike receivables, inventory, and real estate, it does not have an agreed-to value. When responsibly managed, an IP can safeguard proprietary technologies, attract interest and investment, help maintain a competitive advantage, and often enable different income streams in future business endeavours.

Outsourcing intellectual property services to India helps businesses protect their inventions, brands, and designs efficiently and cost-effectively. Virtual Employee, one of India’s leading intellectual property law firms, has a team of highly qualified patent attorneys and trademark litigators to manage IP valuations, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Moreover, our IP professional and patent experts provide advice and support to businesses to protect and monetize their assets.

VE’s intellectual property outsourcing practices typically form part of a broader IP strategy for a business, helping them navigate the ever-changing world of intellectual property law. We offer a wide range of intellectual property services and expertise to safeguard your intangible assets, helping you maximize their value.

Our Experts Handle IP and Patent Services Under the Following Verticals:
  • Patent Search & Analytics
  • Patent Drafting and Proofreading
  • Global Patent Filing & Maintenance
  • Patent Opposition
  • Trademark Search
  • Global Trademark Filing & Prosecution
  • Trademark Opposition
  • Trademark Monitoring
  • IP Portfolio Management
  • IP Docketing and Administration
  • PCT Applications
  • Copyright Litigation Support
  • Copyright Registration and Prosecution
  • Managing IDS
  • Patent Prosecution

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Comprehensive IP Protection Services

Helping You Establish Rights to Your Inventions


Patent Services

VE’s intellectual property experts offer tailor-made legal guidance for your business to search and analyze unique patents. We also provide patent prosecution and litigation support to get you the exclusive right to produce, utilize, and market your invention.


Trademark Services

Virtual Employee’s intellectual property experts can assist in all legal formalities by undertaking trademark registration for your business, such as logo, symbol, name, or words used to associate your business or differentiate it from others.


Copyright Services

Safeguard your creative works, arts, designs, and websites. VE’s intellectual property experts assist you with copyright registration and infringement protection. Moreover, control how your work is reproduced, distributed, and monetized.


Prosecution Support

Our team of intellectual propeprty experts advise you on pre-grant and post-grant oppositions. Our team scrutinize prosecution history of the patent application being opposed and develop comprehensive opposition strategies to protect you.


Commercialization Support

VE’s IP experts from India have an in-depth understanding of IP Commercialization and Out-Licensing issues. Our team follows all commercialization steps through defined strategies, such as a proposition, evaluation, negotiation, etc.


IP Valuation & Audit

Value creation is a crucial step when it comes to IP protection. Our IP experts from India are well-versed in investment analysis, in-house estimation, capital budgeting, merger and acquisition transactions, financial reporting, and litigation proceedings.


Litigation Support

Litigation is an integral part of IP Protection. Our intellectual property experts not only help you get right insights for a litigation strategy but also help in drafting applications, affidavits, claims, and similar legal documents.


Docketing and Paralegal

In order to track the deadlines of every application, docketing and paralegal support are necessary. Our time-bound legal services and professional team help you take the actions required to meet patent, trademark, and design applications deadlines.


Patent Search Support

Intellectual property protection attorneys at Virtual Employee have experience in various patent searches, including novelty searches, infringement, clearance, validity searches, state-of-the-art searches, knock-out searches, and more.

Hire an Intellectual Property Expert

India Enjoys the Confidence of Global Corporations

Hire from a Country that the World Trusts

Largest Talent Pool
Every Year, 60,000 law graduates enter the legal profession in India. Choose your IP expert from the world’s largest talent pool.
24/7 Services
Our intellectual property protection experts from India are available round-the-clock to handle your legal urgencies whenever you need them.
Massive Cost Saving
Hiring in-house counsel locally can cost you upto $800 per hour. Hire an offshore IP expert from Virtual Employee at a fraction of the local cost.

6 Additional Perks of Hiring IP Experts from VE

Outsourcing Comes Loaded with Benefits

Free Trial

Enjoy a 1-week no obligation free trial with the resource of your choice to make an informed decision.

Expertise in IP Legislation

VE’s well-versed IP expert from India will help you create an ironclad agreement for your intellectual properties.

Exclusive Resources

Hire an IP and patent expert that works dedicatedly for you, just like your in-house counsel.

Flexible Services

Virtual Employee can handle the entire IP lifecycle and support your staff as and when required.

Zero Overheads

You pay for the resource you hire. VE doesn’t charge you for any overheads, nor are there any hidden costs.

Enterprise-grade Security

Virtual Employee’s stringent data security and strict NDAs ensure the confidentiality of your legal documents.

Hire an Intellectual Property Expert

VE’s 5-Step Process for Protecting Trademarks & Patents

Handling the IP Lifecycle from Conceptualization to Commercialization

  • Requirement Analysis

    The intellectual property expert will collect the necessary data from you. They then go through steps of discussion and analysis to understand your case and requirement.
  • Legal Research

    Your IP expert carries out research information before proceeding and filing the patent/trademark/copyright/trade secret through novelty search, landscape analysis, etc.
  • Patent Monetary Calculation

    Next, the dedicated IP expert evaluates the intellectual property to comprehend market commerce and licensing details. This person will share all vital data with you promptly.
  • Draft and Quality Check

    VE’s IP attorney processes the proofreading, prosecution status, and data verification. After which they perform detailed quality checks and file the property facts.
  • Filing and Final Delivery

    VE’s intellectual property attorneys file the patent/trademark/copyright. Once that happens, you receive detailed reports from us, and you can monitor the IP’s status for future developments.

Hiring an IP Expert was Never This Easy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trademark the name of my business?

No. Trademarks are mostly issued on how the product or service is described. Your business’s name is a trading name and is not eligible for a trademark or service mark.

Will I be getting regular updates from my IP expert?

Yes. Outsourcing intellectual property protection services to Virtual Employee is like hiring an in-house legal expert locally. You can ask for updates whenever you want to.

Can I have a free trial with my chosen IP expert?

Yes. Virtual Employee offers a 1-week free trial. Hire an intellectual property and patent expert only after you are satisfied with their performance.

What kind of safety protocol do you follow to protect my data?

We work in accordance with the EU’s GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA and US’ ECPA. Additionally, all our employees sign a mandatory non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We are also an ISO 27001-2013-certified and CMMiL3-assessed firm.

Is it easy to scale up and down with VE?

Scaling up and down with VE is simple. You can send us an email mentioning whether you want to increase or decrease your team strength. VE will handle the rest.

How can I communicate with my IP expert?

Communication is hassle-free with Virtual Employee. You can easily connect with your dedicated IP professional directly via email, video conferencing, or MS Teams.

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