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Our Dedicated Ajax Developers Have Expertise in CSS, Scripts, XML, and XHTML

Hire a dedicated AJAX developer with expertise in CSS, XML, JAVA Script, and XHTML, and get customized AJAX solutions for your website.

A dedicated AJAX developer works exclusively for you from our well-equipped office here. Our excellent communication devices empower you to manage your dedicated AJAX developer in the same way as you would manage your own local in-house employee. This easy access to your remote resource ensures your active participation in the completion of your AJAX project.

How Does It Work?

  • Send us your AJAX requirement NOW!

  • We send you resumes of screened, shortlisted candidates

  • Test and/ or interview shortlisted candidates

  • If you like any one, you can hire them straightaway

  • You can hire your dedicated AJAX developer from US $1095 to $1895. The variation in cost depends on the candidate’s skill levels, expertise and experience.
  • You can hire one or several AJAX developers and build your own AJAX team.
  • The candidates that you get have been sourced from the vast Indian IT talent pool. You can interview these candidates face-to-face for yourself via video conference.

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AJAX, a combination of Asynchronous Java Script and XML which is the core technology for the development of feature rich web applications. AJAX is not exactly a technology; in fact it is a practice of using a combination of different technologies like Java Script, XML, CSS, XHTML, and XSLT etc. It is based on document object model (popularly known as DOM).

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Get customized AJAX solutions

  • We help you hire the best AJAX programmers from India.
  • AJAX technologies use JavaScript along with XMLHttpRequest to improve the user experience and a combination of HTML with CSS to enhance the quality of presentation.
  • AJAX also uses DOM (Document Object Model) to make the display of web pages more dynamic and appealing.
  • We ensure that you are able to collaborate with your dedicated AJAX developers.
  • To do so, we equip your dedicated AJAX developers with video-conference, Skype and PC sharing etc.

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AJAX pairs perfectly with programing languages like PHP, Java, .Net for web development


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