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Our Dedicated Ajax Developers Have Expertise in CSS, Scripts, XML, and XHTML

Hire a dedicated AJAX developer with expertise in CSS, XML, JAVA Script, and XHTML, and get customized AJAX solutions for your website.

A dedicated AJAX developer works exclusively for you from our well-equipped office here. Our excellent communication devices empower you to manage your dedicated AJAX developer in the same way as you would manage your own local in-house employee. This easy access to your remote resource ensures your active participation in the completion of your AJAX project.

How Does It Work?
Send us your AJAX requirement NOW!
We send you resumes of screened, shortlisted candidates
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If you like any one, you can hire them straightaway

  • You can hire your dedicated AJAX developer from US $1095 to $1895. The variation in cost depends on the candidate’s skill levels, expertise and experience.
  • You can hire one or several AJAX developers and build your own AJAX team.
  • The candidates that you get have been sourced from the vast Indian IT talent pool. You can interview these candidates face-to-face for yourself via video conference.

All your AJAX queries answered here

What is AJAX?

AJAX, a combination of Asynchronous Java Script and XML which is the core technology for the development of feature rich web applications. AJAX is not exactly a technology; in fact it is a practice of using a combination of different technologies like Java Script, XML, CSS, XHTML, and XSLT etc. It is based on document object model (popularly known as DOM).

What is the best resource for AJAX development and how?

The best resource that you can get for AJAX development is a dedicated AJAX developer hired with This is because AJAX is a group of interrelated web development techniques used for creating interactive web applications and you would like to incorporate this feature in your web applications in a customized way. Only a dedicated AJAX developer can deliver customized solutions because you can monitor and manage this resource just like your local employee. You do so with the help of the most modern communication devices like PC sharing, Skype, video-conferencing etc. provided by

How does communication help you to get customized AJAX solutions?

  1. Take regular updates on the progress of your AJAX project
  2. Give guidelines to your dedicated employee on the project
  3. Motivate the AJAX developer to get the desired results
  4. Be involved in the project from start to end

How secures your critical data?

  1. Your dedicated AJAX developer works from our well equipped office
  2. Our office has latest data security provisions
  3. You can store your critical data in your own server
  4. If you want, we can have all external removable hard drives disabled

What are the benefits of using AJAX in web development?

AJAX web development is in huge demand nowadays. Evolution of web 2.0 has given immense growth to the popularity of AJAX. Web applications developed by using AJAX can enhance the browsing experience of the user. Gmail (one of the most commonly used AJAX based web application) has redefined the way people used to access their emails.

AJAX has made the web more responsive, enhanced the load speed of websites, and has reduced server response time by restricting repetitive requests to server. AJAX components process most of the user actions at client end and reduce the need for server processing time for minor issues. Another significant benefit of AJAX based development is customization of application at user’s end. Now web users have the freedom of customizing their favorite web applications according to their own preferences. iGoogle is one of the first applications that offeres this unique feature.

Who needs to hire an AJAX developer?

If you are a website or small business owner willing to develop a new website or revamp your existing website, consider hiring AJAX web developers. These developers can turn your dreams of owning a popular website into reality by developing the best AJAX based website for you.

Can I use AJAX with PHP or .NET?

AJAX is combination of several technologies (primarily Java Script and XML) and it can be used with any other development technology, be it Java, PHP, or Microsoft .Net.

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Get customized AJAX solutions
  • We help you hire the best AJAX programmers from India.
  • AJAX technologies use JavaScript along with XMLHttpRequest to improve the user experience and a combination of HTML with CSS to enhance the quality of presentation.
  • AJAX also uses DOM (Document Object Model) to make the display of web pages more dynamic and appealing.
  • We ensure that you are able to collaborate with your dedicated AJAX developers.
  • To do so, we equip your dedicated AJAX developers with video-conference, Skype and PC sharing etc.

and many more…

AJAX Solutions For Professional Coding

AJAX pairs perfectly with programing languages like PHP, Java, .Net for web development