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Watch VE’s SMW Talk on “What is a Cloud Company?” was one of the key speakers at the recently concluded London Social Media Week 2015, one of the biggest social media events in the world today. Our Managing Director, Shaunvir Mahil, gave two talks at the mega event – ‘What is a Cloud Company and What Opportunities Does it Present for your Business’ and ‘An Introduction to Outsourcing Overseas: an SME Perspective’.

Virtual Employee has pioneered the new cloud services of ‘Company as a Service’ and ‘Employees as a Service’, whilst also coining phrases such as “Cloud Company”. In this talk at SMW, our MD explained what exactly running a cloud company is and how it enables you to streamline your business, gain immense scalability and increase innovation.

However, whilst these advantages are synonymous with all cloud services, in this talk our MD also evaluates the cloud through an entirely new angle, that of psychology.

In this talk, our MD makes the point that an often missed and unappreciated advantage of the cloud is that it also enables you to reduce your decision fatigue because so much of what you would usually have to think about is now taken care of for you by the cloud. And that in a world where we are all over loaded with information, especially senior decision makers, this is a truly invaluable advantage.

And so the cloud not only enables you to better invest your finances (by no longer having to invest in non-profiting making operations) but the cloud also enables you to make better decisions because you now have more “mental energy” to invest into those decisions that are really critical for your business.

Shaunvir Mahil said of his talk, “One of the key objectives of my talk was to highlight – are we truly appreciating and acknowledging what the ‘consequence’ of thinking really is? When we start seeing ‘thinking’ and ‘decision making’ as an expense or a cost or a debt of mental energy that needs to be paid it would then suggest that we should be a lot more frugal with it. Just how much mental energy are senior decision makers discharging into their business that really has very little impact on their bottom line, things like recruitment, HR, management and maintenance, IT support, admin and so on?

With the cloud, more mental energy can now rather be invested in the really important areas of your business and that is going to enable better decision making in the areas that really impact your profits.
I think a lot of entrepreneurs, myself included, are very bad at appreciating just how ineffective a lot of what you are thinking about truly is. This is why a cloud company is so revolutionary; it takes away that entire burden away from you. Hopefully, that point came across in the talk.”

The second talk – a one-hour masterclass - focused on helping Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) across the world change their perception about outsourcing overseas by identifying key issues. Shaunvir spoke at length about how outsourcing is still viewed through the prism of myths and misinformation and how this was one of the main reasons why outsourcing failed for some SMEs.

Client visits at VE offices

There was a slew of client visits at the Virtual Employee offices in September. As many as 4 of our clients from Canada, Australia, USA, and UK visited our VE offices to interact with their cloud employees, recruit more staff and combine a great vacation with business! These employees are working in the Dot Net, Finance, Creative Writing, Law and PHP domains. For our clients, VE is their cloud company.

UK Office: SUITE: 4.4 – 4.5, Cornwall House, 31 Lionel Street, Birmingham, B3 1AP.
India Office: SDF – K1, K4 NSEZ – Noida Special Economic Zone, Noida – Phase – II, (U.P.)

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