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Our VE MD, Shaunvir Mahil, toured the US in October, meeting our clients who are spread all across the United States. He was accompanied by Senior VP, Eshan Labroo. It was a memorable tour and threw up some truly remarkable facts about the trust level that outsourcing to VE has inspired…a top surgeon, a builder of internet of things and a high-ranking retired cop are just a few of the interesting clients that Shaunvir and Eshan interacted with.


15th October

Arrived in USA, Durham, North Carolina.


16th October

Met Dr N Reebye, a top oral & maxillofacial surgeon in Durham, North Carolina, who is affiliated with the Duke Regional Hospital. Dr Reebye creates animation videos of his own surgical procedures as it’s easier to explain to his patients rather than just telling them about it verbally. His surgeries are unique, so the videos are bespoke for him. He has hired a researcher from VE who holds a PhD degree as well as some back office staff. “If more doctors knew what they could do with VE they would use their service too,” said Dr Reebye. It is indeed remarkable that such a top doctor could be outsourcing such a variety of work to India.


17th October

Flew to Florida


19th October

Met Jarret, owner of a leading custom hosting and development company in Florida. Jarret has hired Nitin, who has not just been a coder but actually helped him plan and strategise on how to execute his projects in .NET. This is proof that Indians can help lead and manage projects and not just code them.


20th October

Flew to Dallas


21st October

Met Dr Eb Eshun who is working on creating an Internet of Things application as well as a cloud application. His company, Mobifalcon, Inc., has hired a big team of 5 virtual employees in three domains (PHP, Mobile Apps and .Net). He candidly says that he “could not have done this work by either outsourcing to freelancers or by hiring locally”.


22nd October

Flew to Chicago


23rd October

Met James Oliver, a retired cop who has built a very interesting and innovative piece of hardware with the help of his highly experienced and talented Embedded engineers here at VE. The detection system, an unobtrusive piece of hardware developed entirely by VE’s embedded engineers, can easily be carried about one’s person. It can actually save hundreds of lives and notify the authorities instantly in case of bank robberies, school shootouts, mall shootouts etc. This cop achieved his dreams, his passion with VE.


24th October

Flew to Fort Worth, Indiana


25th October

Met Simon Bray of Wireless1marketing group LLC, who has hired a designer with us. He was of the view that not all outsourcing companies were the same, and he “finally found someone who gets it!” For Bray, the biggest advantage of partnering with VE was the scalability. He said that it was just not possible to enjoy that level of scalability locally the way he enjoys with VE.


26th October

Flew to Erie, Pennsylvania, to meet Robert Hess. Robert’s company Paragon Print Systems provides innovative products and technology to a global customer base. Robert has hired 3 virtual employees even though his company has a fairly large staff base back in the US. When asked, “Is outsourcing bad?” he replied with an emphatic “No”. He said since he couldn’t find the programmers he needed locally how could he believe that outsourcing was bad?


26th October

Flew to New York to meet another client, Keith Jusas who has hired a virtual employee in the .NET technology.


27th October

Flew to Las Vegas for a short holiday


2nd November

Flew back home


Client visits at Virtual Employee offices

We had quite a few of our old and new clients visiting us in the month of October 2015.

One of our clients, who has hired a large PHP team with us, came visiting to meet his virtual team and impart training on his ongoing as well as forthcoming projects.


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India Office: SDF – K1, K4 NSEZ – Noida Special Economic Zone, Noida – Phase – II, (U.P.)

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