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Data Security - Our Commitment To Our Clients


Greetings from!

Its been a while since we last interacted. That's because we were busy developing our state-of-the-art new office in the prestigious Government-approved Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and creating more services and packages for our valued clients.

These past months, our client base has expanded even further as has our bouquet of services. Engineering and architecture outsourcing has been on the increase, particularly from Australia and no wonder. Our team of engineers and architects are among the best in their field, extremely dedicated, focused and known for turning in high-quality error-free work. The other fields that have always witnessed a high demand are PHP, Dot.Net, Virtual Assistants, and Internet Marketing.

In this issue, we would like to highlight the one concern that occurs to everyone who has outsourced or is planning to outsource. The issue of Data Security. And how, we at have managed to alleviate this concern of our clients very satisfactorily. In fact, we can proudly affirm that none of our clients till date (from across 27 countries) have ever had cause for complaint with regard to security of their critical data.'s iron-clad Data Security System

At, we offer our clients 3 solutions when it comes to data security. Each is a secure way of working remotely and the only difference is that each is designed for different client requirements.

  1. Virtualization from the client end
  2. In this, your virtual employee works in a virtualized work environment from a computer in your office. So this would mean that:

    • Your data remains with you and you retain all control over it
    • Your data never gets stored on the employees local computer since it really never leaves your office
    • You decide the amount of access/ restriction your employee in India has to your computer
    • You can easily monitor what your employee is doing at any given time
    • You enjoy real time access to your data
    • Perfect solution for those clients who want to hire 3 or more employees

    In other words, no more agonizing moments, wondering whether or not your critical company information or other crucial data is safe with another organization, halfway across the globe. With Virtualization technology from the client end, all data security regulations that are being followed in your company will also be applied on your remote employee's computer in the VE office in India.

  3. Virtualization from VE's end
    • Same principle of Virtualization except that in this case, all your data is stored on secure DELL servers in the VE Data Center
    • The employee can also work on visualization platforms from VE data centers
  4. Employee works from VE's local machine
    • VE provides your employee with all the necessary hardware and software
    • USB drives and CD/ DVD-roms, personal emails can be disabled if you so wish
    • A strict 'no pen and paper' policy is in place
    • Bags not allowed inside production floor
    • Implementation of access/ restriction policies on the employee's computer as per your requirement

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Our upcoming services:

There's a lot more in the offing in our Engineering Outsourcing Services

  • Design, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
  • Plant Automation & Enterprise Asset Management
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Advanced Simulations, Prototyping, Styling & Testing
  • Embedded Design & Development Engineering
  • Product Lifecycle & Data Management

We value our association and look forward to working with you for years to come! Team

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