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The Winter leg of our MD’s US tour continued in
March and kicked off with a series of client visits

Are we only about cost? Our clients don’t think so!

Three unique advantages that 3 of our US-based clients found with us


During his interaction with three of our US-based clients who have hired our services in various domains, our MD, Shaunvir Mahil, was happy to learn that these clients valued other factors more than just cost savings.

March 2 – The first visit was to Atlanta, Georgia, to meet Ike, the CEO and Co-Founder of Launchpad Pro who has hired our PHP services for over a year now.

Knowledge transfer with new software developers can be highly inefficient – but not for our clients, as CEO Ike elaborated.“Our development stopped…for over six months but we were so able to pick back up at the place we left off with the same exact group of people. There was no learning curve, there was no time wasted getting reacquainted with each other or with the project. It was almost like we never stopped,” said Ike.

March 4 – The next stop was Tulsa, in Oklahoma to meet Jonathan Torkelson, President and Principal Engineer of Embeddetech, who has hired our Embedded Developers – in fact an entire team of Embedded engineers.

Jonathan outsourced the entire embedded requirement to his dedicated team hereTypically, only the programming component of embedded technology is outsourced to India. What made us unique for Jonathan was the fact that he could hire a team to work on the entire spectrum of embedded technologies for him – right from Circuit, PCB and Board development to Testing and Programming and which leads to a final product development. This is because we have hardware engineers, software engineers, and integration/ test engineers in the Embedded domain, all working together under one roof.
A quick two-day break from March 6-7 to spend some time with family in Sacramento and San
Francisco and then onto the work trail again!

March 8 – Houston was next on the itinerary to meet Richard Jackson, CEO of Jackson Analytics who has hired a team of 5 Research Analysts with us.

Richard Jackson, CEO of Jackson Analytics, started with Management Information System and Research and then kept expanding…Richard began by hiring in the Management Information System domain – a mix of data entry and research. Once he discovered the skill and ability levels of his team he promoted them to take on more responsibilities and duties and trained them to do much more. He also started hiring for other positions and today has a growing team of 5 researchers and 1 Dot Net developer. He feels we are a one-stop shop for pretty much anything his business requires.

March 10 – 13th – ConversionXL Live 2015. After meeting’s clients, our MD Shaunvir Mahil next headed over to Austin, Texas, to attend the ConversionXL Live 2015. The top names in CRO were among the main speakers – Brian Massey of Conversion Sciences, Peep Laja of ConversionXL, and Oli Gardner of Unbounce.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a relatively new and upcoming field and we, at, are investing a lot in learning more about it. We have even signed up for Peep Laja’s (ConversionXL’s founder) special program – ConversionXL Conversion Course – so that we can add this newly learnt knowledge for our clients who use our web design and digital marketing services. It is an extensive program but for us it is more of an investment to better our offerings for our clients.

March 13th – 14th – South by South West
Our MD managed to take out time for a quick peek into the South by South West event in Austin, a hugely popular music, film and interactive festival.

March 15 – Headed back home.


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