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With abundant IT talent available in house, is diversifying by creating several new apps. VE recently launched its Mobile App Avengers which will be our App Laboratory. Here the expertise of VE’s Mobile Apps development team and the ideas of the company’s senior management have come together to create new and innovative apps. Apart from our mobile app team, several of our other in house teams, (such as Animation and Content) were also involved in the launch of these apps.

Why did we launch our App Labs? Or, put another way, what encouraged us to diversify?

For three reasons:

a) Our in-house App team is very strong

b) We have all round talent in-house – content, marketing, web development, IT admin, multimedia, graphics, animation, and

c) We have great ideas! We have already created two brand new apps that can be downloaded on Google Play on your smartphones and have several more launches planned in the coming months.

Brag Track

The Sports App

Our first Sports app is a fun app called Brag Track for sports enthusiasts. The Brag Track app, true to its name, gives you bragging rights for making winning predictions about your favourite sports teams. And letting the world – and your friends – know what a sports pundit you are! Thanks to our readily available in-house resources, we were able to create the Brag Track app (and all the other necessary Brag Track

material, animation video, website, marketing programs) very fast – the TAT was just 3 months.

Eshan Labroo, one of the project managers of Brag Track said, “To turn this app around in just 3 months is a truly remarkable feat.

We wanted to push the team to really see what their capabilities were. The results have been truly outstanding.”

This is just a peep into VE’s Apps Lab….there are many more in the pipeline such as Desi Swipe (a South Asian Dating App), Music App, Charity App and many more.

Shaunvir Mahil, co-founder of said, “Diversifying into creating our own apps for us was a real
no-brainer. We can develop them at a very low cost as we already have all the talent we need in house for not only the creation of the app, but for the entire business plan of the app. From server admins to graphics designers, we have all the bases covered in house. What this means for us is we don’t have this massive fear of failure when it comes to app development or this constant thought of monetization hanging over our heads. We are able to just think up of Apps we don’t currently see in the market, experiment and then see what happens. Even if an App fails it’s not a huge loss to us. We just view that as a part and parcel of experimentation. This ability to focus more on experimentation and what the market needs rather than an immediate plan or need for monetization is for us hugely refreshing and immensely advantageous. But we are not the only ones in this position. The same is true for our clients. Those who avail our service can enjoy these benefits too. Offshoring is not just about cost saving for your core business; offshoring also frees you up to be able to just go out there and experiment more with your ideas, whether they tie to your core business or not. In this respect, offshoring helps to empower company innovation and is also the reason why offshoring is not bad for local economies.”

7 years with VE!

Two of our employees, Anusree (Recruitment Manager) and Chandrika (Senior HR Executive) recently completed 7 years with A rare and commendable milestone in today’s high-attrition job market!

Anusree joined the company in 2008 as an HR Executive. Today, she handles the demanding twin departments of Recruitment and Coordination, as well as supervising several smaller teams working under her.

Recruitment Manager

“At VE, I always feel that I am working for my own company and that I need to take it to greater heights. Completing 7 years with VE is a great feeling. A stress-free work environment and the liberty to apply my thoughts for process improvement has made me continue here for so many years. The management here in VE understands and values talent.”

Senior HR Executive

“It has been an awesome journey,” shares Chandrika. “I joined the company when it was just beginning to establish itself, and I have been inspired by all the many challenges and how our co-founders, Narinder Mahil and Shaunvir Mahil overcame them.”

It is with quiet pride that we would like to share that the attrition rate in our company is among the lowest as compared to the average trend in most IT companies.

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