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Greetings from!

Outsourcing Tip:

There's a huge difference between an offshore freelancer and a virtual employee. An offshore freelancer works alone and unsupervised from home. A virtual employee works from a professionally supervised office.

Greetings from!

The year seems to have rushed by and we are already on the threshold of 2013. It has been a great year in many ways, a dynamic combination of learning, forging new business alliances, partnering with some wonderful clients from across the world and receiving accolades for our business model.
Here's wishing all of you Happy Holidays!

Common Outsourcing Concerns

We are introducing a new segment called Common Concerns with this edition of our Newsletter. This section will focus on the most common concerns or worries that clients usually have when they outsource and their possible solutions as well. Loss of control, data security issues, employee management, hiring virtual teams, online collaboration and many such commonly voiced concerns will be discussed.

Outsourcing Concern of the Month:

Will I lose all control over my outsourced work?

One of the most common concerns that clients have when they engage in any form of outsourcing is – will I lose all control over my outsourced work? This concern is a very real one and often does come true, depending on the business model of the selected outsourcing partner.

The Options

First things first. Who are you outsourcing to?

A freelancer, a project outsourcing company or a virtual employee?

A freelancer usually works for several clients simultaneously, alone and unsupervised and in very different time zones. Communication is limited at best.

A project outsourcing company takes over your work and hands you only the final product.

Both these outsourcing models leave little to no control with the clients.

The Solution

Choose a service provider that allows you to retain full control and project management authority. A model that is as simple as it is effective. A remote employee who works like a local hire and the vendor's management that acts as the client's physical representatives. A vendor office that functions as the client's 'branch office' in India, offering all the benefits of security and control.'s Founder-Director Narinder Mahil Visits China

In September 2012, the Founder-Director of, Narinder Mahil visited China as a part of a trade delegation that was organized jointly by the Indian Government and NASSCOM for its member companies.

NEW!!!! Blog

We have recently launched our Blog, where you can find all the latest 'outsourcing buzz' as well as a host of useful tips and insights into successful outsourcing. For convenient browsing and reading, we have created categories such as Outsourcing Tips, Outsourcing Trends, How To Manage Your Virtual Employee,

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