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Keeping the employee at the centre of its expansion plans, the new office of – built on its own property – is an ‘office with a difference’. The fifth office of VE in India and its sixth overall (we have an office in Birmingham, UK which our MD operates), the three-storied building in the Electronic City of India, Noida, is easily its best.

Nobel Prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman has proved that the human brain works like a battery. The more it thinks, the more this ‘battery’ gets depleted. While productivity and mental alertness are at their peak in the morning till about noon, most employees do end up battling post-lunch sluggishness and drowsiness between 2pm-6pm. We are applying his psychology to our company.

“It is to combat this dip in focus levels that we are planning on building more restrooms – specially designed rooms, fitted with comfortable recliners, MP3 players, and maybe some healthy snacks. A place where an employee can spend just 15 minutes to unwind and find the much-needed quiet to distress themselves from the daily grind of work and deadlines, if their clients permit, and go back to their workstations again, feeling rejuvenated,” said Ashu Mishra, VE’s Senior VP, Client Engagement.

The company’s management also plans to provide healthy and wholesome snacks for all the employees at regular intervals to keep the sugar levels balanced and eliminate unnecessary coffee breaks and dips in concentration levels.

Work is in progress on the ground floor and the third floor, where more employees can be accommodated.

The Chairman, Narinder Mahil, has his suite of offices on the first floor as well, and can often be seen easily mingling with the employees and chatting informally with them whenever he gets time.

Incidentally, loss of productive work hours in the workplace is a big problem everywhere. A 2013 survey by Gallup, an American research-based, global performance-management consulting company, found that 70 percent of American workers are either “disengaged” or “actively disengaged”.

To combat this, an office has to play a much more psychologically stronger role than being just a place where an employee works for eight or nine hours. is now a Google Partner and a
Bing Ads Accredited Professional became a Google Partner and a Bing Ads Accredited Professional recently, adding to its list of certifications and awards. We are excited about this development since this provides further proof our credibility and trustworthiness for our valuable clients. Both certifications underline our company’s reputation for being a reliable, trustworthy and ethical outsourcing partner, recognized by two of the world’s leading search engines.

UK Office: SUITE: 4.4 – 4.5, Cornwall House, 31 Lionel Street, Birmingham, B3 1AP.
India Office: SDF – K1, K4 NSEZ – Noida Special Economic Zone, Noida – Phase – II, (U.P.)

(+1) 877 697 8006(+1) 416 915 8941(+44) 203 478 5941(+61) 280 733 418

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