VE gets its new Legal Consultant

N Prashant Kumar Nair, Advocate and specialist in Corporate Law, joined VE's new in-house legal team recently as its Legal Consultant. Prashant holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from University School of Law and Legal Studies, GGSIPU, Delhi and practices in the Delhi High Court as well as in the Supreme

Court of India. Corporate Law is his forte and he brings his expertise and good amount of experience in Corporate Compliance, Legal Consulting and Litigation to VE. He would also be integral to the training of staff on legal matters.

VE perspective:

We partner with many legal companies; however, to further strengthen our position in legal matters, we are in the process of expanding our very own in-house legal team. With a talented, knowledgeable legal back-up available at all times, we will be in much stronger position to protect data – both ours as well as the client's. This also helps keep the staff aware of their responsibilities and acts as a deterrent. And lets them know how serious we are about 'mishaps' like data theft and poaching.


Social Media Week London
September 2014

Our CEO Shaunvir Mahil attended the Social Media Week in London from September 23-25, 2014. Giants from the world of social media participated in the Microsoft-sponsored event – Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Socialbakers, Brandwatch, and many others. On the whole, it was a packed week, offering tons of useful advice and insights on how businesses can harness the immense power of Social Media in today's technology-driven world.


Big Data is, well, big! And the Big Data analytics industry is gaining momentum by the day all over the world. However, the growth of Big Data is likely to be slowed down by two main factors – skill shortages and low awareness levels about the benefits of Big Data analytics. Surveys show that in the US alone, there would be a whopping shortage of around 150,000 Data scientists by 2018. This is where India seems to be scoring again, ahead of even rival destinations like China, Poland and the Philippines, since Indian Big Data scientists can easily meet this shortfall.


Why do some people get outsourcing wrong?

Ever given it a thought?

Real thought.

Not – oh, these Indian service providers are like that…Or, what else can you expect from an offshore freelancer?

But, real analysis into why some outsourcing ships sink like the Titanic while others sail into safe harbors.
It is actually no rocket science. In fact, it is as simple as making the right decision. It is like wanting to graduate in law but checking out all the options for an engineering college. Who is to blame then? The engineering college or the person who was making those choices. Read the full article here.


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