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As we had shared earlier, Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd opened its UK office in the sprawling business hub of central Birmingham in November 2013 as one of our MDs and co-founders of the company, Shaunvir Mahil, lives there.

Birmingham, the second largest city in the UK, is also a bustling international centre for commerce. So, an office here means that it is easily accessible to clients all throughout the UK, thanks to Birmingham being located right in the heart of the UK.

Recently, we hired our first Client Account Manager in our UK office for handling our clients and helping them hire the desired employees from us in any profession or domain. Read more...

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Charities can hire Virtual Employees for Free!

Charities can hire Virtual Employees for Free

That's right. Charities the world over can hire Virtual Employees in any domain or profession for Free now! Believing in the simple philosophy of 'giving what you are best at', Virtual Employee Pvt Ltd has recently launched Pro Bono, its new scheme of supporting charities and non-profits around the world. We call it our Corporate Social Responsibility.


All charities and non-profits are free to approach us and we would be happy to provide them with what we provide all our global clients - hard-working, dedicated and professionally qualified men and women who wo uld work exclusively for them. Since committed people are what any charity or non-profit needs, we aim to empower them with such resources at either extremely subsidized rates, if not altogether free. All too often, charities and non-profits, apart from battling monetary challenges, also find themselves lacking the necessary human capital to fuel their noble missions. Either the desired committed men and women are not available, or even if they are, they probably may not be affordable. These remote employees would be skilled in domains as diverse as bookkeeping and accounts, content writing, website development, internet marketing and much else. Read More...


VE's Campaign Trail in the US

Shaunvir Mahil, the Managing Director of Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd., and a senior VP of the company will be touring the US from 24 August, 2014 to 1 September, 2014. Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. has close to 50 clients all across the US and the duo would have a packed itinerary as they tour the US, meeting existing clients and forging ties with new partners. Catch all the live updates of VE's US visit on our website. Watch this space for more!



Video of the Month

Video of the month

Outsourcing Helped This CEO To Realize His Dream Networking Project

"Our main need was a skilled developer with relevant experience at a price that a startup can afford. We decided that the team model would best serve this purpose, and we are fortunate to say that that’s exactly what happened. In the end, we received something that any business owner can appreciate and that’s very personal and dedicated service. This is a service that I would recommend to anyone. The bond that we formed with our employees... was more than able to help us overcome any language or cultural barriers present."


UK Office: SUITE: 4.4 – 4.5, Cornwall House, 31 Lionel Street, Birmingham, B3 1AP.
India Office: SDF – K1, K4 NSEZ – Noida Special Economic Zone, Noida – Phase – II, (U.P.)

(+1) 877 697 8006(+1) 416 915 8941(+44) 203 478 5941(+61) 280 733 418

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