If there is one festival that is eagerly anticipated throughout the country it has to be Holi or the Festival of Colors. And VirtualEmployee made sure that, as every year, this year too would be a memorable Holi in its offices.

Marking the end of the long winter and the arrival of spring, Holi is one of the most boisterous but loved festivals in India.

The VE management and HR teams had arranged for plates full of red, green, yellow, and pink dry color for employees to have a good time. This was the one day where old clothes were the norm as no one wanted their regular clothes to end up being dyed in different hues!

Celebrations began post lunch and started with the enthusiastic ones throwing gulal or the traditional red color on their immediate colleagues. The playful mood quickly caught on and soon everyone was in the thick of things, and the air streaked with a multi-colored haze.

The senior management also sportingly applied color on their colleagues as this was one day where hierarchy took a back seat to giving oneself up to the fun and child-like playfulness that characterized this festival.

The VE management had also arranged sumptuous snacks and beverages for the employees. After a while it was back to the workstations but the brief interlude had only whetted the appetite for the actual festival which was the following day!


Client case study: The difference between outsourcing and hiring VEs


“The reason really comes down to the Virtual Employee’s model, that they are true employees” – Larry Spencer, VP, Sceris, USA Our Managing Director, Shaunvir Mahil, visited Greater Boston in the United States to meet with Larry Spencer, the Vice President of Application Development of Sceris. Prior to working with Virtual Employee, Larry had actually outsourced to the Ukraine and India.


In this case study what you are going to learn is the difference between outsourcing and hiring virtual employees. A lot of clients don’t realize that when it comes to offshoring, there are many different ways in which you could go about it. If you would like to learn the differences between outsourcing and hiring virtual employees, please watch this video.


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