Our Pro Bono work has started!

We are happy to share that our Pro Bono work has started and currently we are partnering with a charity in Kenya. Our partner, who is based out of Switzerland, runs this charity that is aimed at rehabilitating children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Kenya. We have provided dedicated writers and developers, free of cost, to this wonderful charity and we hope to assist many more such organizations around the world. Read more...

Our UK office

VE opens its 4th new office!

Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd opened its 4th office in one of the prominent commercial hubs of Noida, well-connected by road and metro rail. The three-floors building is a modern structure of chrome and glass and has a capacity to house 300 employees. The management has plans to make the office a 'home away from home', where employees can feel relaxed even though they are at work. The office became functional this month and a few teams are already operating from this facility.

VE to roll out a new service soon!

We are about to launch our brand new YouTube channel that aims to provide free expert advice in a host of different domains, from legal processes and animation to software development and engineering. Speaking on topics that range from the very basic (grammar rules) to the very complex (Mobile App coding), will be the Team and Tech Leads of our various in-house teams. Whether it is 3D Rendering tips you want for your engineering project or how to navigate a particularly tough coding terrain, you can hear it straight from our experts who boast a vast experience and an in-depth knowledge in their respective fields. Their advice and tips will be easy to follow and practical as well.

The channel will share our uniqueness in terms of the skills, talent and valuable information we can provide and will showcase our wide range of domains.

VE Attends The IITC 2014 in Liverpool, UK

Our Chairman, Narinder Singh Mahil, attended the UKTI India International Trade Conference held at the IFB Hub in Liverpool, UK on July 10, 2014. The theme was 'Cities, Enterprise and Urban Business'.

Our Chairman had one-on-one sessions with Steve Toogood, Director of UK IBC as well as some other top industry leaders in the UK.

The event was attended by top delegates like Lord Livingston, the UK Minister for International Trade and Investment.


UK Office: SUITE: 4.4 – 4.5, Cornwall House, 31 Lionel Street, Birmingham, B3 1AP.
India Office: SDF – K1, K4 NSEZ – Noida Special Economic Zone, Noida – Phase – II, (U.P.)

(+1) 877 697 8006(+1) 416 915 8941(+44) 203 478 5941(+61) 280 733 418

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