The year that went by….

Looking back on 2013, had a good year.

We expanded our client base in new destinations like Sweden, Luxembourg, Singapore, Germany and Hong Kong.

Clients have hired our services in new domains like Oil and Gas, US Stock Markets and Medical Writing. This indicates that offshoring is growing, getting more popular and branching out into new domains instead of remaining confined to just the conventional ones such as I.T, mobile app development, and back office work. This is because industries/domains that can’t or would not find the outsourcing model suitable, can nevertheless hire VEs because it is actually the same thing as working with an in-house, locally hired resource.


Major IT upgradation plans for this year…

IT upgradation

This year, we are focusing on several major IT upgradations for our offices to enhance customer experience with us and to tighten our already stringent data security processes.’s highly motivated and experienced IT team has already put together a state-of-the-art ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system which makes tracking every aspect of an employee’s working hours here very easy.

This is how the ERP can benefit our valuable clients:

A client can log into their dashboard on the ERP, using their login details, to perform a variety of tasks and instantly get all the desired information in a short span of time – without having to shoot off emails to the HR or Accounts or IT.

They can monitor the attendance of their resource/ employee.

The client will also be able to share their feedback regarding the performance/services of VE or can even log complaints.

The client will have all their accounting/ Invoicing history highlighted in the dashboard as well. They can check at a glance their payment status and so on. Read More >>



We are expanding!

VE opens its NEW office in the UK

We opened our new branch office in the UK in November last year. One of our MDs, Shaunvir Mahil, is based in the UK and so it was a natural step to set up our branch office in the UK as well. Additionally, we have a large (and growing) client base all across the UK and having an office there will prove to be a boon for those desiring to partner with us.



Case Studies With Three Of Our US Clients

Case Studies With Three Of Our US Clients

Our MD, Shaunvir Mahil, on his business tour of the US in December last year, had the opportunity to personally meet, interact with and shoot videos with our many clients who are currently working with virtual employees in varied domains. The Case Studies that he compiled are aimed at giving clients a better understanding about:

The experiences of these clients with us What is it like to use our service

A lot of clients are understandably apprehensive when it comes to offshoring. The Case Studies provide more comprehensive information than mere testimonials and dispel these fears.


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