Driving Efficiencies The Fun Way

The eagerly-awaited Annual Cricket tournament of VirtualEmployee.com was held in February at one of the prominent sports complexes in the city. This is one of the most keenly anticipated occasions in VirtualEmployee.com’s calendar of events.

This yearly tournament was begun by the Managing Director of VirtualEmployee.com, Shaunvir Mahil, himself a huge cricketing enthusiast. He was visiting from the UK and captained one of the teams as well.

This year the participation was at an all-time high and the different teams of the company (IT, Animation, Content, PHP, Data Research) showcased their cricketing prowess on the field.


Even the threat of rains refused to be a spoilsport for all those who had happily surrendered their Saturday to be a part of VE’s historic annual event. It did rain the night before and so the next morning the pitch was wet. The skies were still heavily overcast and light showers in the morning of the tournament had again soaked the pitch.

Since the pitch wasn’t dry, we couldn't play on it at first but it would have been a shame to cancel the tournament as everyone was so keen to play. So we simply improvised! The tournament kickstarted with teams playing two games simultaneously on either side of the wet pitch on the grass using soft balls and shorter boundaries.

  Driving Efficiencies The Fun Way  

Luckily for all, after the first round of matches, the skies began to clear and the pitch dried up. So, ultimately, the final was played on the actual pitch in true cricketing tradition with the batsmen padding up and a leather ball being used by the bowlers. Boundaries and sixes flew all over the field and the atmosphere reverberated with claps and calls from the female employees who were cheering for their teams with gusto from the stands.

The matches were keenly contested and the deserving team (Animation) lifted the trophy in the end. The management had arranged lavish snacks, fruits and beverages for the VE staff who had come to play as well as cheer.



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According to latest surveys, recruitment will be one of the biggest challenges that employers will face in 2014. As much as 60 percent of the CEOs across the USA voiced concerns about recruiting top talents, with a whopping 80 percent laying the blame squarely on a shortage of efficient recruiters.

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“We have hired virtual employees 24x7 hours, seven days a week for data entry, reporting, and a lot of analytics for which we couldn’t find frankly employees here in the US. VE has been great and have people available for us. Earlier I was doing this myself. It has been great for us. It is difficult to find employees in the US who are working overnights. All the Virtual Employees we have hired are smart, articulate, educated and it’s like having the same people here except that they are over there. Been a huge cost savings as well. Couldn’t find the people to do it here…”

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Chris Pfluger, CEO and Cofounder of Optomatic, a company that provides a video advertising platform for publishers


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