Paul Janto  

American addition to our Customer Service team

Paul Janto from USA joined VE's Client Account Management (CAM) team in August. A graduate in Urban Studies from California, USA, Paul brings to the table his considerable expertise and experience of over 12 years in the challenging field of


Human Resources Development and Senior Level Training. Paul has specialized in Competency Mapping & Need-based Training, Quality and TTT Consulting, Voice & Accent Specialist (US), and much else. Having now lived and worked in India for the past 10 years, Paul brings a wealth of experience to the department.


A Healthy Employee is a Productive Employee!

Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. organized its annual Corporate Health Check-up Camp for all its employees across its two units on the eve of August 15, India's Independence Day. The HR team had negotiated with one of the leading pathology labs in New Delhi and had created attractively low-priced packages for employees. The employees could choose from several options - from Free basic tests to the more advanced level packages (that included more than 79 parameters) at very nominal fees. Medical tests come at a steep price in hospitals but VE employees could avail them at extremely discounted rates here. All reports could be downloaded from the health vendor's portal so as to maintain the confidentiality of the employees. Read More....



Patriotic Fervour Marks Independence Day Celebrations at VE

India's 67th Independence Day was celebrated with traditional fervor and patriotism at the offices of Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. Employees were offered miniature tricolours for pinning on their person while workstations and bays were decorated in the colours of the National Flag. Employees came to work wearing ethnic attire in all possible shades of green, saffron and white - the colours of the Indian National Flag.

In the celebratory atmosphere, a thought was also spared for the less fortunate members of society. This year, the VE management gave a generous donation to a prominent NGO working with underprivileged children. Employees pitched in and contributed clothes and books as well. Read More....


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