A common dilemma faced by companies in the West these days:

What should you do if you cannot hire locally?

It is indeed ironical that even though unemployment continues to be an issue in almost all developed nations, companies often find it difficult to hire locally. The reasons could be as varied as non-availability of local talent, a depleted talent pool, or prohibitive high salaries of existing available-for-hire professionals. So, what do you do? Try and assign the job to someone in-house who may not be suitable for that task? Learn it yourself and do it, in which case it may be a while before you can become an expert at it and in the meanwhile your quality of work suffers. Neither option seems very palatable, does it? Then there's outsourcing, but for many it is still unchartered territory.

Freelancing/ project outsourcing as options

Mention the word 'outsourcing' and one immediately thinks of either freelancers or project outsourcing companies. But, here's the thing. There is no need to compromise on either the quality of your work, the way you work or the control you enjoy over your work by resorting to traditional outsourcing. Think about it carefully. If you are a small and medium sized enterprise (SME), then neither freelancers nor project outsourcing companies are really what you are looking for. While freelancers are only good so far as the work remains low-cost and short-term and doesn't call for too much involvement from you, project outsourcing companies tend to take over completely, leaving you with no control over your work.

How can VirtualEmployee.com help?

So, back to the original question? What should you do if you are unable to hire locally? Apart from outsourcing is there another way out? Yes, there is. Partner with VirtualEmployee.com because with us you can hire (as opposed to mere outsourcing) any employee in any domain or profession, who can be customized to suit your specific requirements. Our forte, our uniqueness, lies in the fact that we equip SMEs exactly like yours to with enough horsepower to easily offshore without actually outsourcing or losing control.

Hire any employee in any profession, no dearth of talent

Our unique recruitment process is geared towards providing clients with the very employees who prove to be elusive or out of reach back home, either because they are just not available at all or because their high salaries can burn a huge hole in your pocket. Consider our advantages. We have an easy access to a vast talent pool of experienced, skilled English-speaking professionals in the National Capital Region, New Delhi, of India. Every candidate sourced by us passes through a rigorous dual screening process, where the HR executives and then the Technical Managers run them through interviews and tests which may be assigned by you as well. Only the cream of the lot then get sent to you for further shortlisting. You select the candidates that you have liked and set a date for a face-to-face interview via video conference. Only when you are fully satisfied, do you hire and start working with your remote employee.

Interview, communicate, hire, start working!

And, since we understand the importance of communication in remote working arrangements, our advanced technology ensures that you and your virtual employee or virtual team are just a telephone call, a Skype chat or a video conference session away. It is as easy as communicating with your in-house employees. Think for a minute. Don't you resort to Skype chats with them as well instead of always walking up to the workstations? The same thing happens here as well. But, the added advantage is of huge cost savings.

Video Of The Month

Handpick a customized virtual employee in just 6 easy steps.

Outsourcing Tip

A reward and recognition incentive programme works as well for a remote employee as it does for an in-house employee.

Did You Know?

Obamacare is going to impact SMEs across the USA, forcing them to shell out hefty penalties if they fail to adhere to the employer mandate. But, if they were to hire remote employees from us, they could scale their team size to more than even 50 employees without getting affected by Obamacare!

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