Welcome to 2013! Yes, we have all survived doomsday predictions, thank you very much and are all set to embrace a new year, with all its challenges and excitements.

Successful partnership with our Reseller in Europe

VirtualEmployee.com has been partnering with resellers abroad who have been successfully reselling our service to clients in several other countries. One such successful partnership has been with Johannes Burns from Germany. This has been a mutually beneficial partnership for several years with Burns partnering with VirtualEmployee.com as a reseller of our services in Germany since 2009. His outsourcing solutions consultant company has resold Software, Web and Mobile Apps Development Virtual Employees to his clients with gratifying results.

Johannes says,

" Our experience with VirtualEmployee.com has been very good. The companies for whom we rented employees from VirtualEmployee.com worked with them for years without any trouble for us. The employees were very motivated and reliable. The technical equipment was never a problem. There were never any blackouts, etc. We have enjoyed a very good business relationship with virtual employees in the last few years and we look forward to continue this."

Johannes resold VirtualEmployee.com's services to a client named Felix Bopp, providing him with a PHP Developer. For Bopp it was a highly rewarding experience.

Felix Bopp says,

" We have been working with VirtualEmployee.com for many years and I have to say that we are very happy. We worked with virtual employees on various projects and for each project VirtualEmployee.com found us the developer with the right skills. VirtualEmployee.com takes care of the hardware and the development environment so that we were able to start very fast with our projects. The service of VirtualEmployee.com is very excellent and the communication very fast and smooth."

This VE- Reseller partnership highlights three main issues:

  1. Our cost effective service. Johannes resold our service, which effectively means that he added a fixed monthly fee on top of the fixed monthly fee that we charge. Despite the hiked charges, clients in Germany bought our service. This is evidence enough that the margin of cost-effectiveness of our service is huge.

  2. Language was never an issue. Neither the Germans nor the Indians spoke English as their first language. In both countries, English was the second language. However, both the German clients and their Indian Virtual Employees communicated with each other in English. The outsourcing process was hugely successful - a testimony to how fluently Indians speak English.

  3. Partnership model can be easily replicated. The best part is that the successful partnership model that we have with Johannes can be easily replicated with all our clients. Most of our clients are entrepreneurs, with plenty of contacts, thus making each one of them a potential reseller.

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