Benefits of Hiring a MEAN Stack Developer in India

Time is Money. A remote MEAN stack developer can save you both.

Looking forward to getting some feature-rich mobile and web applications built, but are struggling because of time constraints? Worry not. Hire MEAN stack developers to get applications built in no time. Easily switching between the client and the server and more importantly, taking the full advantage of isomorphic coding, a dedicated MEAN stack developer can cut down on the development time.

Of course, the shorter the time taken to develop your applications, the faster you can come up with a minimum value product (MVP), gaining the upper hand. Also, thanks to its support for MVC architecture (Model – Mongoose, MongoDB, Express, Node js; View – Angular Templates, Bootstrap; Controller – Angular Controls), this free and open-source JavaScript software stack gives a much-needed boost to productivity, thereby reducing the time to market even further.

A dedicated MEAN stack developer can address the individual and ever-changing requirements for industries across the board, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail & eCommerce
  • Banking & Finance
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Education & eLearning

Comprehensive MEAN Stack Development Services

Unique requirements call for unique solutions.

MEAN Stack Web & Mobile App Development

Looking for offshore MEAN stack developers who can build high performing and scalable web and mobile applications? Look no further.

MEAN Stack eCommerce Development

Hire MEAN stack programmers for intuitive, secure, and responsive dashboards to give your eCommerce applications a competitive edge.

Enterprise MEAN Stack Development

Hire full stack MEAN developers for applications designed for heavy workloads. Your hired remote MEAN stack developers can customize your apps.

MEAN Stack CMS Development

A MEAN stack developer can bring your idea of a robust content management system (CMS) to life, making it easier for you to maintain your website.

MEAN Stack ERP Development

Hire MEAN stack developers for ERP solutions that run seamlessly across devices. Our pro MEAN stack development approach fastens the process.

MEAN Stack Consulting Services

Whether you need to hire someone for MEAN stack application development or are looking for a MEAN stack web developer, we can be of great help.

API Development & Integration

Custom APIs can help your business stand apart. Hire a MEAN stack web developer for an API that is in sync with your business-specific needs.

Migration & Porting to MEAN Stack

If you think your apps could benefit from JavaScript-based frameworks, do migrate to MEAN stack. Our certified experts can address the challenges.

Maintenance & Support

Building MEAN stack applications is one thing and keeping them up and running is another. Your hired remote MEAN stack developers can efficiently do both.

Why Outsource MEAN Stack Development to India?

Can your local MEAN stack developer guarantee these benefits?

Massive cost savings

Outsourcing your project to a MEAN stack development company in India can save you up to $40,000. Offshore MEAN stack programmers offer value for money.

Largest Talent Pool

2000+ engineering colleges and 0.5 software engineers every year – the numbers keep on increasing – making it easier for you to pick the crème de la crème.

Time zone advantage

Indians work round the clock, whereas freelancers or even your locally hired remote MEAN stack developer do not. If you are looking for a quick TAT, choose India.

Top Reasons to Hire MEAN Stack Expert From VE

A choice that exhibits great business acumen.

Free Trial

With every MEAN stack development company claiming to have the best resources, it is important to assess and then hire. We give you the opportunity before you enter a contract.

Dedicated Resources

Want your certified MEAN stack developer to work exclusively for you? Cannot deal with freelancers and their laid-back approach anymore? We have the perfect fix for you.

Value for Money

With VE, when you choose one MEAN stack developer for hire, you get to benefit from the expertise of 350+ MEAN stack programmers. And you pay for one. A win-win situation.

T-shaped Development

Hire full MEAN stack developers who keep up with the times, know their way around project management, and can easily collaborate with other developers for a great outcome.

Zero overheads

Offshore MEAN stack developers help you save big on office rent, and software and hardware cost. The icing on the cake is that with VE, you do not even pay any recruitment fee.

Diverse Experience

Our talent pool comprises senior, middle-level, and junior MEAN stack programmers. Depending on the complexities involved, you can choose any of them.

MEAN Stack Development Process

A time-tested process for streamlined development.


    Your hired remote MEAN stack developers do not jump the gun. They start off by asking the right questions and developing a clear understanding of your requirements to offer a custom solution.


    Once they are familiar with your individual requirements, your MEAN stack programmers get down to analysing and evaluating the technical aspects, and then come up with an executable project plan.


    The next step requires your dedicated MEAN stack developers to create a wireframe with design assets and mock-ups as per the project plan. They then share the prototype with you for your approval.


    Your dedicated MEAN stack developer waits for you to give the go-ahead and as soon as that is taken care of, no matter how many iterations it takes, gets down to giving final shape to your product.


    We are the only MEAN stack development company to guarantee a bug-free product. This is possible because our MEAN stack application development experts understand the importance of testing.

Hire MEAN Stack Programmers within 8 Hours

We search, shortlist, assess and triple-vet from over hundreds of candidates to find the best suited resource for you.

Custom Hiring Models to Choose From

No two businesses are alike. And nor are our hiring models.

Dedicated model

Hire dedicated remote MEAN stack developer to enjoy exclusivity. Benefit from one-to-one interaction and regular monitoring.

Team model

If you are looking for a team with a mixed bag of skills, our team model fits the bill perfectly. You also get a dedicated team lead.

Full-time, part-time or ad hoc

Do not need a MEAN stack developer to work for 8 hours a day? Worry not. Hire one for 4 hours or on ad-hoc basis.

Hire MEAN Stack Developers in 4 Easy Steps

  • Brief Us

    Tell us your purpose of hiring offshore MEAN stack programmers. Our MEAN stack programmers focus on meeting your exact requirements.

  • Handpick Your Resources

    We have with us the CVs of triple-vetted MEAN stack web development experts, which you are free to review at your own convenience.

  • Build Your Team

    Once you zero in on the candidates, you can ask for a Skype interview or assign them some online tests for better assessment of their skills.

  • Get Going

    As soon as you have the assignment results with you, you can get your handpicked offshore MEAN stack developers to start working in 8 hours or less.

MEAN Stack Development Portfolio

We humbly let our work do the talking. With VE, you are always encouraged to check out our work samples to hire without a shred of doubt.




Primority Ltd.




Hexis Plus

Client Success Stories

MEAN Stack Development FAQs

Let there be trust and transparency.

What shift hours can my hired remote MEAN stack developers work?

Your shift hours, Indian shift hours, or overlapping hours – take your pick. Your dedicated MEAN stack developer will work in tandem with your requirements.

Is it possible for you to supervise my offshore MEAN stack developers?

Absolutely. Our HR staff keeps an eye on your offshore MEAN stack programmers. They leverage biometric access cards and 30+ CCTVS to ensure productivity.

How absolute is my ownership over the work done by my developers?

100%. The ideas, the prototypes, and the final products are yours forever. Your dedicated MEAN stack developer has no ownership rights, none whatsoever.

How can I be sure of the skills of a MEAN stack developer for hire?

VE is the only MEAN stack development company to offer a 4-hour, FREE trial window. If you need more time to make an informed choice, go for a longer, paid trial.

What is the pricing structure of MEAN stack development services?

Hire offshore MEAN stack developers on a prepaid basis. Pay for the 1st month’s invoice, the 15-day notice period fee, along with a copy of the signed contract.

If my MEAN stack developer takes leaves, do I get a replacement?

A replacement is not possible. However, our team model safeguards you against absenteeism by letting you leverage the expertise of other skilled resources.

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