Attributes and Features of both, What to expect, Which is better

Companies like Freelancer, Elance, Odesk and many others offer freelancers from across the globe in many domains.

Even though freelancing reinvented the traditional model of working from office, it does have its own limitations. The Internet has many accounts of distressed users sharing their unsatisfactory experiences of hiring freelancers.

Keeping this in mind and the manner in which work force has been traditionally managed, a solution was derived in the form of

Virtual Employee Vs Freelancer

A freelancer is an external resource. Can you control an external resource? Naturally, you can’t. Sure, you may be able to communicate with an external resource via the Internet but you can’t really control it. If you have next to no control over your external resource, then how can you work effectively with that resource as you would with an in-house employee when they are halfway around the world and working in a different time zone? As you have no control, the next logical question is – what will happen to the end result? What will happen to the levels of efficiency? Are quality results ensured? The answer to all the above is, unfortunately, ‘no’. Hence, this is why freelancing is suitable only for low-value projects which don’t require you to have control. Since you don’t need to control the work (and you actually don’t have control anyway) and if the work does go wrong, then the resultant loss won’t be as magnified had the work been a high-end valuable process.

A Virtual Employee (VE) is an in-house resource, a dedicated employee, except for the fact that this employee is based offshore. How then can this remote resource still be considered an employee and why can you control that employee? Because our office is your office, our staff  in India are your staff  that manage your employee the way you want. Additionally, you work directly with your VE and your VE works exclusively for you. This is, therefore, a HIGH VALUE partnership and you can safely hire a VE to handle important confidential work because a VE is an in-house resource. You have total control over your VE.

But a freelancer is an external resource and always will be. Does it make business logic to give high value in-house work to an external resource over whom you have no control?

Conclusion: Freelancing = Outsourcing

Hire a VE = Offshoring = Your doorway to opening an offshore office in India

How does make it happen?’s business philosophy is simple: ‘Significantly low costs but without compromising on the quality of work’. And the only way in which a client can continue to work the same way they do back home is if they have complete control over their remote employee as well as their work. And that is how makes it happen. A remote employee works exactly like an in-house employee in every respect except for their physical presence. But, VE’s state-of-the-art communication technology and superior online collaboration tools and software, creates a perfect working ambiance for the client. They can access their employee whenever and how often they want via telephone, Skype webcam, instant messenger, conduct trainings over Videoconference, give feedbacks, invite their employee to participate in their own team meetings via Videoconference and so on.

The client is also closely involved in the recruitment process and has the final word on who they hire. The employee is fully accountable to the client.

Client’s data security is taken very seriously and VE’s vigilant IT department has in place some stringent safeguards to protect a client’s data and intellectual property.

Most importantly, a virtual employee works from a professional, supervised office environment instead of alone and from home. And so, work ethics and decorum are a part and parcel of a virtual employee-client relationship.

What facilities does VE provide?’s facilities can be summed up in one sentence: it is an offshore extension of your local unit here in India.

The facilities provided by us include:

  • A well-maintained, supervised office, equipped with central air-conditioning, spacious workstations and round-the-clock security
  • All hardware and software and superior infrastructure
  • The latest communication devices (Videoconferencing, Skype, PC sharing, webcam, telephone with a local number from your country)
  • Clear voice lines to international destinations. Using VOIP is not legal in India although people are using it. VOIP over Internet does not provide a clear voice line; hence we use a managed latest Telecom infrastructure for clear voice lines
  • Multiple leased lines for high-speed Internet connectivity
  • Round-the-clock power back-up
  • Pick-and-drop cab facility for night shift and female employees
  • A full staff comprising HR, Accounts and IT for taking care of your employee and acting as your physical representatives here

How does VE ensure that the employee turns up on time?’s endeavor has always been to keep the client in control of their remote employee(s). To ensure this, VE has installed a Biometric Attendance Register which tracks every employee’s attendance, their clock in and clock out times, including every time they take a break. Every client is provided with the login details and password so that they can check their employee’s attendance at any time they wish to. Since the employees are aware of this close scrutiny of their movements, this digital attendance system ensures that they arrive punctually for their shift.

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Dedicated resource
Team sits together for easy collaboration
Data security
Priority given to client’s work
Ease of communication Low High
Access to regular IT support
Regular hardware and software support
Intellectual Property protection
Professional office environment
Resource administration
Immediate stop/start
Customized, job-based recruitment by HR executives
Face to Face interview with one or many candidates
Test the candidates before selection
Hire in any domain or profession
Cost Low Equal or Lower
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How many employees can I hire from VE?

There is no limit to the number of virtual employees you can hire from You may begin by hiring just one remote employee and in the future you can easily scale up this to any number of employees you want. You can even build an entire virtual team, comprising of employees from different domains and backgrounds.

From which domains can I hire virtual employees?

With, you can hire virtual employees from any domain or profession, including rare and special skills as well. IT and ITES, Engineering, Architecture, Finance and Accounts, Mobile Apps Development, Content Writing, Graphic Designing, Legal Processes, Sales and Marketing, HR and Recruitment, Office Admin Support, Multimedia, Animation, and even Rare Skills (Jewelry Designing, Image Editing, Photograph Touch-ups, Interior Designing, etc).