Project Introduction

The idea was to develop a Windows mobile app for the Supply Chain industry. It was meant to reduce the efforts of the delivery staff as well as the recipients during freight/ object delivery at destination.

Project Assignment Highlights

  • Project Assignment Highlights
  • Signature Scan Feature
  • Image Capture and Update
  • Designing Simple UI


  • The complex part of the project was to capture signature and images individually and then merge them together as a single and unique record.

Technologies Used

Windows Mobile SDK 6,, LINQ


We used Windows Mobile SDK for development of this mobile application. We accessed camera features of the mobile phone to capture the signature and image of the recipients and stored it for future use to minimize the hassles of products/ freight delivery process.


The end result was a feature-rich Windows mobile application for the Supply Chain industry. The application made the process of delivery easier for delivery personnel as well as the recipients.