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Premium Skincare Brand in USA


  • Brand Awareness: The brand was known just to a small audience. So, the client decided to widen their target market and make the new targeted audience familiar with their brand of products.
  • Brand Development: As the client was planning to target a new market and its audience, brand development was also an important objective. Brand development is a metric of marketing success that helps measure the number of sales within a specific market. And a good positive number would say it all.
  • Market Segmentation: Market segmentation was a key element. As the product range of the brand was for women, we were asked to target female online buyers in a specific targeted field of the online market.


  • New Target Market: Our biggest challenge was to establish our client’s brand among the new targeted audience who were unaware of the brand and its products. The competition was also high as big international brands have already established themselves as market leaders. So, strong brand campaigning needed to be planned online for brand awareness as well as brand development.
  • Budget: The budget was limited as we were in the initial stage and in a new market. So, we had to plan our expenditure carefully.


As we needed to work on both brand awareness and brand development, we chose to go ahead with Google paid campaigns over social media campaigns as Google paid campaigns perform better in brand development in comparison to other platforms.

Second, we went ahead with Display Ads over Search Ads. Display advertising helps in increasing brand recognition, driving traffic to your site, generating conversations, and improving your bottom line. The use of custom imagery in display ads can give a push to brand searches, search engine click-through rates, direct visits and online/offline purchasing. Our belief is that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual and 40% people respond better to visual information than plain text . Besides, Google’s Display Network reaches 92% of internet users across more than 2 million websites and gives marketers the opportunity to reach prospects at every stage of the sales funnel. Moreover, in order to reduce the budget we made some more basic tweaks such as:

Adjusted Bid on behalf of Gender : Male -100%

Adjusted Bid on the basis of Age Group : A major step, which drove our campaign towards success was categorizing the campaign on the basis of usage or who could use it. So, we also categorized our users and moved ahead with this concept, which allowed us to save on media budget as well as target the right folks at the right time with the perfect offering. We produced offerings on the basis of category of folks and displayed such content, which inspired them to take action on our website and this made our digital programme more successful.

Remarketing: Usually, we retarget visitors who have visited our website but have not taken any action. We create a channel to differentiate between the first and the second time website visitors and this helps us decide who and who not to target. Also, we focus on how visitors are reacting to our offerings and our assumptions are predicated on our belief after each single user behavior is analyzed as an opportunity.

Cost Advantage – As we had a limited budget, display ads were most suitable for us. The CPCs (cost per click) on the display network were about half the cost of the CPCs in a standard search campaign, which allowed us to generate more impressions, more clicks and more sales for less money. Sounds like a win-win!


Within 30 days, we got over 141,000 impressions for our ads. These impressions helped us in creating good brand awareness amongst our ideal target audience. They acted as a catalyst in driving sales for the client.

Also, the relevant clicks helped the client establish brand development in the new targeted market.

As one of our main objectives was to segment the new market and target the audience accordingly, we selected the topics for our campaigns accordingly. Market segmentation helped us in getting relevant clicks, which in turn helped the client drive sales and acquire customers.

google campaigns

google campaigns

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