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One of our e-commerce business clients based in the UK outsourced their PPC marketing project to Virtual Employee in April 2016.


Designing a digital programme, which could enhance Conversion rate and improve Effective revenue share percent.


  • Account Structure: Campaigns were not set up properly. The shopping campaign was underperforming due to the absence of bid management. The shopping feed had not been optimized for a long time as well. The description of the product, which is the most crucial part of the feed, was not written properly.
  • Bid Management: In the absence of campaign management and low bid management, most of the keywords were not reaching the auction stage and so they were not getting enough traffic.
  • Search Query filtration: Search query filtration is one of the most important factors so far as optimization for higher ROI is concerned. This was an issue.
  • Website: Most of the products were not in their parent category due to which they were unable to grab the attention of consumers.

Data from January 01, 2015 to December 31, 2015:

outsourcing ppc


On the basis of our detailed analysis, we developed a strategic approach to achieve our goal of improving the ERS. A summary of this approach is mentioned below:

  • Product Feed Optimization: To improve the ERS, we started with product feed optimization using the specific guidelines of Google Shopping feed laid by Google. Every product’s title, description, size, availability etc. were written keeping in mind the relevant search term for the client’s products.
  • Product categorization on website: We categorized the products ourselves and asked our client to make those changes on their website. In order to make the site more user-friendly, we even made some changes in the website such as improving its speed, checkout time, payment method etc.
  • Search query filtration: We took the data of the last 6 months and filtered out the irrelevant search queries on the basis of our understanding.
  • Bid Management: We took help and basic ideas from Google trends and optimized the bid in order to get more traffic.

RESULTS: ERS improved by 120%

Data from January 01, 2016 to December 31, 2016:

outsourcing ppc

On comparing, you will find out that there was an improvement in CTR, Converted Clicks and Conversion Value.

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